'Good Luck Charlie' To End After This Season

'Good Luck Charlie' To End After This Season

It’s official — Good Luck Charlie is ending.

According to Deadline, the series will end after it’s current season.

“On behalf of everyone at Disney Channel, it’s been our great pleasure to work with the extraordinary producers Phil Baker, Drew Vaupen and Dan Staley and the writers and crew of Good Luck Charlie,” a Disney Channel rep shared in a statement. “We could not have dreamt of a better cast than Bridgit Mendler, Jason Dolley, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Bradley Steven Perry, Mia Talerico and Eric Allan Kramer (and even little Logan Moreau as Baby Toby!) and the many guest stars who make the series so special.”

“This season is the last season of Good Luck Charlie as far as I understand, so we’re [the cast] are just going to make the most of it and work on it until the end of the summer,” Bridgit shared earlier this year about the fate of the show.

ARE YOU SAD Good Luck Charlie is ending?

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Credit: Bob DAmico; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • http://twitter.com will

    sadly :\

  • Jason

    Oh good, now Bridgit can concentrate on that scary talented music career that Disney Channel keeps trying to shove down our throats.

  • Ashley

    The last good disney show left is ending…disney channel is dead,

  • Holly ?

    D: Oh no I love good luck charlie.. WHY WHY DOES IT HAVE TO END :’(

  • http://yahoo.com emily


  • Sarah

    omg this show is the only reason why I watch disney channel THIS IS SAD GUYS

  • Maria

    That is such a shame! It’s such a good show! Dog with a blog or ANT Farm should be ending not GLC!!!!!!!!

  • regina

    NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! this is the only good one left!!! :(
    now is that stupid ant farm thing LOL it’s so dumb:|

  • Ashley

    Seriously? Every other show on DC sucks. This is the only reason I still watch Disney. I’m pretty sure it was one of their most popular.

  • lilly

    ahhh the only good show is over =(

  • Tara

    Last show I liked on Disney. Too bad.

  • Abby

    Noooo!!!!! Why must Good Luck Charlie end??? Now, we’re stuck with lame shows……so sad…

  • Dana


  • minnie

    this is the only Disney channel’s good show left. so sad they have to end it so soon :( why can’t they end another show. just sayin..

  • shells

    Dog with a Blog stays and this show gets canceled? Hopefully, you’ll send it off with a movie and not just ‘end it’.

  • Katniss

    It can’t end!!!! I love this show TOOO much!!!!!!!!!

  • Naomi

    Guys, it’s not getting cancelled. Disney shows never last after 4 seasons. People should pay attention to this pattern by now. Disney shows only last for 4 seasons, unless the show is garbage. Good Luck Charlie is an okay show, not the greatest. The humor is very dry. To be honest, the shows that they have on Disney now are garbage.

  • Arif

    Why Is good luck charlie finishing why couldnt DOG WITH A BLOG FINISH THEN I WOULD BE HAPPY

  • Alexxx

    well when it ends only one my favourite show will stay on disney,without the old shows Disney sucks

  • Abby’s

    Noooooooo!!!!! I LOVE GOOD LUCK CHARLIE! It’s the only Disney show I like.

  • carolina

    my favorite show!!!!! i went to a taping and it was soo fuun! i met all the cast and they´re soo nice! thanks for this awesome 4 years for making us laugh,smile,and cry! #goodluckcharlieforever


    This is CRAZY! Nothing to watch now…….

  • MADY

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DONT WANT GOOD LUCK CHARLIE TO END IT IS MY FIRST FAVOURITE SHOW ON DISNEY SHOW DONT END NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    At long last! I’ve been waiting for that show to be over since I never liked it. It’s bad enough that my brother, who’s the same gender as me and a few younger than me. But it’s worse that other people badmouth people who hate it.

    Honestly, I wish those GLC lovers would lay off its haters and let them hate the series all they want.

  • guest

    Why does Good Luck Charlie have to end? That was my favorite show! Dog Blog should be cancelled, not Good Luck Charlie!

  • bummed

    Good Luck Disney! we probably won’t be tuning in anymore.

  • flosschap

    why is it ending. it is so unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandy

    Unfortunately, the shows that Disney have created recently are awful.
    Gravity Falls is terrible, the new one “I did not do it” seems just as bad. I do not know who makes the programming decisions but lately the shows are not worth the time to watch.

  • haley hill

    i loved yall so so much teddy i loved you you were my role model and your still always going to be my role model forever and always charlie your so funny i love you bob,amy yall are lol funny i love yall so much gabe,pj,toby YALL ARE TOTTALY AWSOME i love you all I LOVE EVERYBODY AND I WILL ALWAYS HAVE YOU ON MY DVR TO WATCH STILL IVY I LOVE YOU TOO THANK GOD FOR MAKING YALL IN DISNEY CHANNEL IN THE DISNEY CHANNEL FAMILY i love you and thanks for being awsome love haley nicole hill south carolina macedonia middle school and everybody else please stop hating love them like i do dont hate appriciate i haley hill 11years old love GOOD LOOK CHARLIE FOR EVER AND ALWAYS LOVE YOU ALL

  • haley hill

    i love all disney channel shows teddy your my role model thanks for everything the cast i love yall all ill keep watchin from my dvr and youtube love you guys

  • haley hill

    its good music thank you jason at least shes famous no offense

  • haley hill

    mr.anonymous sorry to bother you but ok we who love good luck charlie think its awsome ok so boom mr boom i love good luck charlie more than youll ever love them am i right fans of glc

  • Michelle

    Not a smart move…Disney! It’s the only good show you have!

  • Amelia

    I love GLC!!! Why did it have to end????

  • Amelia

    I love GLC!!! BEST SHOW EVER!!!!

  • http://Www.coins.co.uk Jack

    Noooooo this is the best f*** this????????????????????????