Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Greene: Surfing in Bali!

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Greene: Surfing in Bali!

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene chill out on the bow of a boat during the Oakley Bali Pro Learn To Surf event on Wednesday afternoon (June 19) in Benoa, Bali, Indonesia.

The two actresses were also joined by Vanessa‘s actor boyfriend Austin Butler, who took part in the learning how to surf classes.

War wound from surfing today with Oakley. The reef ate me up. #worthit,” Ashley tweeted that day.

The night before, Vanessa and Ashley posed in front of the step and repeat at the event’s kickoff party.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa and Ashley learning to surf…

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Credit: Jason Reposar; Photos: WireImage
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  • Haters Suck!

    Vanessa you’re going to be the death of me. You’re so damn hot.

  • claudia

    i love how her body is very healthy and toned without the “thigh gap” or being stick thin. very inspiring

  • Megan

    Ashleys an effortless beauty. I don’t know why …maybe the boy hopping or naked photos…I can’t seem to like the other girl. Shes bothersone almost. When I see her its upsetting. I hope girls don’t try to b like her. Shes not a good role model. God knows she’s not trying to b.

  • Unknown

    @Megan: The reason you’re giving to hate Vanessa is stupid. Don’t you remember Ashley’s had naked photos too? Lmao.

  • kelly martineau

    Looks like both girls are having fun. Don’t show any pitchures of Austin. He needs to get lost. He follows v like a puppy dog.

  • may


    I would love to know what ‘boy hopping’ means to you because Vanessa is definitely NOT a boy hopper. She has had relationships with 3 guys, 3, over the past 7 years or so. And she is an effortless beauty too, so stop hating. You don’t know the girl, only what the media tells you and what they portray her as. Don’t judge a person when you don’t know them as the person they are off camera.

  • Lawrence

    Austin needs to show off that sexy bod more often!, nice to see them having fun. :)

  • marcus


    Ashley did not have 3 different set of NAKED photos, Vanessa did. There are probably more.

    I agree, Vanessa is a bit of the boy toy. She has had relationships in the ‘public eye’ but she manages to squeeze in her one nighter and one hour one. Clubs have other people there too. She’s not alone in her ventures. She is the Heidi Fliess of actresses for sure!

  • Haters Suck!

    And we should believe anything you because you’re a dipstick?

  • marcus

    @Haters Suck!:
    Why would u care anyways if she’s with every guy in town or not. If your a fan u would think that’s great u got a chance. But we all know one person in her family is flooding the site using different names. She’s been with a lot of men…period. A girl like that will not stop.

  • True

    @marcus: I get you don’t like Vanessa but your dead wrong about her. She had one relationship for 5 years then dated very short term and remained friends instead of being romantic with Josh. Then Austin. Your just a Hater as a matter of fact I like Ashley Greene a very beautiful woman as well but if you want to call someone a serial dater or Boy Toy look no further than Ashley. So just stop it . Like Vanessa or not but don’t bring up facts that are not true.

  • Haters Suck!

    You’re a dip$hit talking out of your ass…period.

  • OK

    Beautiful as always.

  • IMO

    @True: You are right
    those are the facts. Both women are beautiful and what a vacation it’s gorgeous there. Looks like a blast.

  • marcus

    Why is this person trying to hide that she is a bit LUCY? Fact is fact.

  • Haters Suck!

    You haven’t presented a single fact. Just a load of slanderous crap.

  • evz

    Not a role model? Please, she never said she was/is… but whatever…
    She’s not perfect, she made mistakes but that doesn’t give you reason to crucify her for her past, the only thing you can accuse her of!
    Vanessa has moved on… People who keep bringing those pics obviously can not which insecurity and jealousy can only justify their actions!

  • katya

    idk.. honestly I like Ashley better, even though she has had nudes come out also. but I’ve read many interviews with both girls, and Ashley seems to be more secure with herself and her career. When I read interviews with Vanessa, she talks about shopping, dating, going out, blahblahblah… After HSM and Zanessa broke up, she seemed to commit herself to a guy instead of her career. Zac has done so many different movies and has worked with top actors in his roles. He is a really fucking good actor. I’m still waiting for Vanessa to impress with her acting. She could at least use her fame to draw attention to important social and environmental matters instead of posting pics about festivals and nail polish. I used to like her but I feel let down, as a fan, by her career choices now…

  • tina

    @katya: You’re talking nonsense. She supports SEVERAL CHARITIES with both her time and money. She received an award just last year for her work with Make a Wish, stand up 2 cancer and other charities. ‘All about boys’ don’t make me laugh. She has ONE bf. She’s not allowed to have a personal life? Please don’t bring the ex here. No one want to hear about him and his hookers (sorry exotic dancers). Don’t like her don’t come to her threads.

  • yets

    sexy girls.

  • Liberty

    Vanessa confuses me.
    She states she doesn’t like getting her face wet,then goes to surfing promo event?

  • stacy

    @Liberty: u can not like something but still push urself to do it. in journey 2 she had to be underwater and even hsm2 if i recall they were like diving and $hit.

  • jen

    Ashley Greene has an uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson. When I look at her face all i see is her chiseled nose.

  • zdravo

    I think Vanessa is cute, I don’t know why so many people hate on her…it seems like it’s mostly the rabid Zac Efron fans. To me, Zac seems arrogant and too cocky. I’m not one of those people who worship celebs, I don’t like a lot of famous people, but to me, Vanessa just seems cute and sweet, she doesn’t seem like a mean spirited person like a lot of other young celebs. True, I don’t know her, but that’s just my opinion.

  • Xo

    @marcus: You do realize that all the pics were taken at the same time and released 3 years apart right? And even if there are more they won’t see the light of day since the guy responsible for leaking them (and those of several others) is sitting in a jail cell.
    I always find it so funny when haters come onto a comment section and try to act like they know anything when she has fans that have been here since the beginning. Do you honestly think we’re going to believe anything you say when you can’t even get something as simple as her dating history right?

  • Warren

    Vanessa has a hot and sexy body. She is beautiful!

  • mxxm

    no homo but Vanessa’s bod looks slamming! does anyone know what she does to look that fit. i am disgusted by my body right now.

  • hermaione

    looking FITˇˇˇˇ vanessa’s looking FIT so fast

  • A

    Austin Butler is whatever….

  • Love & War

    @Megan: Boy hopping? She dated Zac for almost 5 years. What the hell are you talking about? And really? Naked photos? That happened how long ago? And those photos were taken years before that aswell. People really need to grow up and move on from useless crap.

  • katya

    @tina: First of all, I said social and environmental issues. She does attend charity events but there is a difference between getting dressed up for an event with celebrities there and actually having a real interest in social and environmental issues. A lot of times, celebrities attend these events for marketing purposes. Tell me how many times she publicly speaks out about the charities and social issues she’s involved with compared to how much she talks about fashion, shopping, nails, and music festivals. If she has that much free time on her hands, she could at least make herself useful.

    And “all about boys”, what are you even talking about? Check your sources on what the actual quote is before utilizing it to “support” your argument. I said: “…she seemed to commit herself to A guy instead of her career”. There is no mention about multiple guys in there, just one. And yes, I’m going to bring up Zac because they’re break up was obviously an influence in the direction their careers took. Vanessa is, once again, in a committed relationship, while Zac is hard at work on his career. I don’t care about them getting back together or not, I’m talking about the evolution of their careers after they separated. And that’s funny you mention hookers since Vanessa has played the role of a hooker TWICE since HSM. No one forced her to do it but she obviously feels at home with slutty, provocative characters. And i never said she’s not allowed to have a personal life, but a bulk of her personal life has almost no intellectual, philanthropic, or talented aspects to it.

    I can comment wherever I please, if you don’t like it then stop reading through comments that contain the possibility that someone opposes your viewpoint.

  • NBTT

    @katya: You’ll find a lot of haters of Zac here, since the break up, he’s enemy no. 1 here. The break up of Zac and Vanessa was nothing but a matter of time, it mas more than foreseeable. It would have never worked. I’ve seen the split coming a while before it actually happened, so it was no surprise for me.

    They have different priorities in life, he his career, she pretty sure a family of her own. It’s pretty obvious that her career is going down the drain. She didn’t get any good role since the split. For Gimme Shelter still no release date, so I guess it’s open if it will ever be released, maybe straight on DVD. For Frozen Ground, well there are 5 dates, 4 in Europe and the US and Machete Kills isn’t really a movie for 10 year old kids, and there she has a more than small appearance.

    Zac on the other hand has shot 3 movies the last time and signed for 4 more movies. He doesn’t slow down, he’s just starting.

    As long as they were together she could use him for her own career, that doesn’t work anymore. People who still want them back together should finally give up and accept that they are over for good. They don’t talk to each other anymore, and to avoid each other is the best they can do.
    Vanessa has been a nice person, but that changed a while ago.

    Believe me to argue with the hardcore VH fans makes no sense at all, it’s the same as if you’re talking to a wall.

  • tina

    Well it’s a good thing she’s not trying to live up to your expectations. What about the job description of an actress makes you think they are the ones qualified to talk about “environmental issues?” Seriously? Don’t care what her ex is doing. Still dont see him pontificating about globial warming or the greenhouse effect. Nothing bother me more than somone who THINKS they know something talking endlessly about it. It would be differentit some time in past she expressed an interest, but she hasn’t. If she chooses never to do anything else, IT’S HER CHOICE.

  • tina

    Playing a role (which last time I looked was actually in the job description of an actress) is a long way from engaging in their services. Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda,Charlize Theron, and Kim Basinger have all played “hookers” many of them won an Oscar for doing so. In the future try knowing something before making comments.

  • Haters Suck!

    Yeah yeah same bull from gayfron fans. Zacs a god who does no wrong while Vanessa’s the anti Crist who can do no right. I used to think bieber fans were the worst and most annoying fans there were. Then I met zac fans.

  • claudia

    @NBTT: you and katya make some valid points but i find that although zac is signed up to various movies that are not typecasted, he is still missing that certain umph that will get him the oscar buzz. his fans say that he could be the next leo dicaprio, but leo made it way before zacs current age although zac may take a longer while to flourish. parkland has got some buzz, but not necessarily the best since it centers around a controversy perhaps people dont want to talk about. i dont know where zacs career is going and i dont know where vanessas career is exactly going but although zac “appears” to be doing better, behind close doors you dont know how the future will go.

    and the same way there are “haters of zac” there are “haters of vanessa”. both sides are just as bad.

  • claudia

    and remember zac has a LOT of stiff competition from males the same age that are getting further than him, maybe you should check out his career rather than focusing on vanessas. kids like logan lerman who is super talented is also set to work with brad pitt in a movie and jonah hill has already worked with leonardo dicaprio. perhaps zac could try and get some work with some of the big guys since hes friends with them…?

  • tina

    @claudia: What point? That the ex’s fans feel the need to come to her post in an effort to promote their boy? If so, then yes I agree with you. Their careers have NOTHING to do with each others. They will succeed or fail on their own merits. One’s sucess doesn’t depend on t he others failure. The whole post went by without mention of the ex until HIS FANS brought him up. I DON’T GO TO HIS POST. They should show the same courtesy and not come to hers.