Robbie Amell, Matt Lanter, & More React to Sad CW Cancellations

Robbie Amell, Matt Lanter, & More React to Sad CW Cancellations

We can’t get over how bummed we are about the three major cancellations by The CW!

Our favorites – The Tomorrow People, Star-Crossed, and The Carrie Diaries – will sadly not be returning for another season.

Some of the stars of the shows have taken to Twitter to not only confirm the news, but offer thanks to fans who have stuck by them. Check them out below and keep checking back for updates!

WHAT DO YOU THINK about the shows The CW decided not to renew?

The Tomorrow People

Robbie Amell: “Yes, #TheTomorrowPeople has been cancelled… Thank you guys for all the kind words. Your support this year was amazing. See you soon.”

Aaron Yoo: “Harsh news today. Thank you @philklemmer for the best season I could have hoped for. Thanks all you #breakouts for taking this ride w us”


Matt Lanter: “I regretfully tell u that #Starcrossed will not be back for season 2. Love u all #Stargazers so much. Thanks for ur unwavering support!!”

Grey Damon: “It is with a heavy heart that I must say #StarCrossed has been cancelled. Thank you so much #StarGazers for your amazing support. We love u”

Greg Finley: “was a short but great run, I loved playin drake, I loved the people i worked with and most of all,the love from all u guys, the fans, thanks”

Malese Jow: “Like a shooting star; there&then gone.. but an experience I’ll never forget. Thanks for watching&supporting. We love you all. #starcrossed”

The Carrie Diaries

Katie Findlay: “I found a lovely, joyful little family on #TheCarrieDiaries that I couldn’t be more grateful for. Thank you for two wonderful seasons! And thank you to our very excellent fans who always make us feel special and backed us up all the way.”

Matt Letscher: “Thank you, #carriers. What fun ride with an amazing cast, dynamite crew and great, great fans. We’ll always have Castlebury. #dadshaw”

Lindsey Gort: “thank you #carriers for helping make my dream come true. I will forever be grateful to have lived out a fan dream playing #samanthajones”

Jake Robinson: “Sad to find out that #thecarriediaries is canceled. I loved working on that show so much! It will always have a special place in my heart.”

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    I can’t say I’m surprised. The Carrie Diaries was so far off from anything remotely similar to Sex and The City that it was not enjoyable. Star-Crossed, I didn’t see so I will hold judgment on it. The Tomorrow People was actually okay. It had a good cast and the premise was interesting but the storyline was dull and boring. I’m shocked that Beauty and the Beast isn’t among those cancelled. It had less viewers and lower ratings than the Tomorrow and it was practically an insult to the original 80s series.

  • mxxm

    really cw? and yet you let beauty and the beast stay on air?

  • Lola

    NOOOOO! I know Star-Crossed wasn’t doing very well but I was secretly hoping that it wouldn’t be cancelled :( i’m really sad right now……ugh

  • Chosen One

    Wow, I really enjoyed Starcrossed

  • jon m’shulla

    I’ll miss a lot of these actors if not the shows themselves. There was a sameness that filtered in.

    Too much talk,talk

    Too much average writing.

    Too much.

  • jon m’shulla

    Very surprised about the Supernatural spinoff not making the cut.

  • missy81

    Are you serious I loved star crossed I watched it every Monday how can you take it off. I loved Roman and Drake’s characters so dumb to cancel

  • DanaJ

    I never enjoyed hearing about a tv-show cancellation. If I watched it I was sad. If I didn’t watch it – I didn’t care. But now i’m really happy with “Carry’s diaries” cancellation. I hated so much the idea of “Sex and the City” prequel, it was such a wrong idea to begin with. So wrong in so many ways… So now I’m glad that joke is over. And “Sex and the City” will always stay a great revolutionary tv-show, with brilliant cast and great writing.

  • lexy

    Im so sad that they cancelled the tomorrow people

  • Scala

    TCD doesn’t work for young audience. Better to save money for another good project like “Dirty sexy money” -style;)

  • http://Website Jen

    Noooooo I really like the show starcrossed don’t cancel it it’s a good show!!!!

  • Diek

    I’m so pissed off and sad that they cancelled The Tomorrow People… it was a really really great story and effects!!! For me it was amazing… everything bounds perfectly!!! … I’ve watched a half episode of “Beauty & the Beast” and now i’ve know the reason why Kristin Kreuk was dumped of Smallville !!!
    I really want another season of #TheTomorrowPeople

  • tiff

    Tired of CW canceling shows it not worth view time anymore cause all that will happen is they will cancel them

  • diamondlife

    Has there ever been a case where one network has sold the rights of a program to another network and resumed the story if it got cancelled. I really loved the Tomorrow People.

  • Gregory

    Cancelling the tomorrow people was a dumb move.. the CW has very little going for it, and the show had a lot of potential. Also, Robbie Amell? Smoking hot. He will be missed.

    Same with star-crossed. Very attractive cast, and I’m willing to bet a lot of people, like me, were still willing to give it a chance. the CW seems to think that if people don’t jump behind their shows immediately that they aren’t worth keeping. All shows deserve a season to work their weaknesses out.

  • Whitney



  • Whitney

    I agree

  • Whitney


    Like what is that show anyways? WE LOVE STAR-CROSSED LIKE COME ON!

  • erinsoul

    CW, you’re killing me!
    I love Star Crossed! I REALLY think you should give it at least a second season. So many new stories starting that fans are really into and looking forward to. Maybe Monday just isn’t the right day for it, but I think cancelling is a mistake. :(

  • erinsoul

    Ok, now that I just watched the finale…now I’m really mad!! Seriously, how can you cancel Star Crossed after ending it like that!!!!

  • JBinAZ

    Soooo Disppointed! … Great Story, Wonderful Actors, Great Chemistry … …. Give us our 2nd season PLEASE !!! …. Revive ‘Romery’ …. Don’t leave us hanging like this! …. there are ‘other’ CW shows that should be cancelled …. this is NOT one of them !!!

  • Issa Brink

    So sad about Star-Crossed……I will really miss watching it every Monday. :( :(

  • zACK

    That sucks for the cast of those shows. I really like TTP.

  • Angi

    Matt and Aimee…. I want to hire u guys to finish out season 2 in my living room. Call me. #stargazer

  • sarah

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I can’t believe they cancelled The Tomorrow People. It was soooooooooo good and i have read every single one of the previous comments and nobody has said that they disliked The Tomorrow People. I’m soooooooooooooooo angry right now i don’t know where the logic came from to cancel it. Please don’t cancel it! It was really good and I wish they do a second series. :(

  • sarah

    Please give us a season two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t cancel such an amazing series.