Katie Stevens & Rita Volk Say the 'Tables Turn' in Tonight's 'Faking It' Finale! (JJJ Interview)

Katie Stevens & Rita Volk Say the 'Tables Turn' in Tonight's 'Faking It' Finale! (JJJ Interview)

Check out this brand new interview with Katie Stevens and Rita Volk!

The Faking It stars caught up with JJJ about tonight’s season one finale and what we can expect, including at least one jaw-dropping shocker! Check it!

Oh, and in case you missed the exciting news, the show was just picked up for a second season and we couldn’t be happier!

The Faking It season one finale airs TONIGHT @ 10:30PM on MTV!

JustJaredJr.com: Last time we talked was before the show premiered. We can’t believe it’s the finale already! Has this been a complete whirlwind?

Katie Stevens: It’s definitely been kind of crazy. We as actors, we film it and I don’t think it really registers that anyone is going to see it. And when people finally do, it’s insane because now we have fans and people that are interested in our characters. They are so passionate and it’s just insane. I remember before the pilot, we were walking around and no one had any idea who we were. Now people recognize us and it’s nice.

Rita Volk: It’s gone above and beyond our expectations.

JJJ: At this point in the series, Karma is unaware of Amy’s feelings for her, but do you think this is something that she’s been piecing together, or is she going to have a big realization?

KS: I think for Karma, the threesome, there was that moment where she had a moment of feeling something. I think that was something for people watching at home, like, “Whoa, maybe she’s having an Amy moment.” And of course, there’s the whole celebrity breakup thing that happens and she ends up with Liam. I think people are going in a little angry with Karma, but I also think the tables kind of turn in the finale. I feel like everyone’s been mad at Karma and she obviously does some questionable things, but other people are starting to do some questionable things now (laughs).

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Katie Stevens & Rita Volk

JJJ: We wanted to ask you about the threesome. Do you think Karma got jealous because Liam was kissing another girl, or was she also jealous that Amy was kissing someone who wasn’t her?

KS: Honestly, acting-wise the way I did it, was that she felt something when she kissed Amy, which was kind of strange for her. But I think she built up in her mind about how this night was going to go and she thought it was her night with Liam, but that changed so quickly. She sees him kissing Amy and it changes everything for her. I don’t want to say if it was either because I like that fans are coming up with their own conclusion of what it was. I think Karma admits to having felt something in that moment. But whether it was romantic feelings and wanting to be with Amy, I’m not sure.

RV: I took it as her romantic feelings are primarily about Liam. I agree with Katie. I really don’t know. There have been things on the show where we think it’s going one way and it goes a different way. I’m just as excited as everyone else to see what happens. Hopefully there’s a season two to tie everything together. [Editor's Note: The show has since been renewed!]

JJJ: We got a peek at the finale and there’s definitely a few big shockers, one huge one in particular. What did you think when reading the script?

KS: Yeah, it was a definitely a shock for me and I think it’s going to be a shock for everyone. People are going to freak out and not know what to do with themselves. The tables turn a little bit and hopefully we get a chance to continue these characters’ stories. In the second season, it’s going to be a different secret that has to be kept.

JJJ: The show has been more or less leading up to the point where Karma realizes Amy has feelings for her. If and when she finds out, do you think their friendship can survive this revelation or are things changed for good?

RV: I think that’s just like in real life, no matter if you’re gay or straight, it’s relateable to everyone.I think most people can say they’ve been in a friendship where they may have developed feelings for someone and somtimes it’s easier to let them go, and continue to be friends. You already have this relationship and you know what it is, and these feelings come out nowhere, and sometimes that might ruin it. I like to hope so. You would have to have two people who are communicative and understanding, and really know each other for that to work. And because Karma and Amy are so close, and because Karma loves Amy – maybe not in the way Amy wants her to – but there’s a very deep bond there. Hopefully they can overcome whatever awkwardness comes between them.

JJJ: Karma has been lying to Liam about her fake relationship with Amy. If and when he finds out, do you think he should look past it or is it something that’s unforgivable?

KS: It’s hard to say. I think you’ve seen that Liam’s family aren’t the most honest people and there’s some questionable things that have happened. He confesses that to Karma. But he also might have some secrets too. And because of that, I think that would make him a little more forgiving toward Karma.

RV: And also we don’t really know. At the same time, because of that background, he is really sensitive to lies and people going behind his back, or saying one thing and doing another, which is his family background. You could also say he wouldn’t be that forgiving because he found this person he’s really into and she becomes a liar like a lot of people in his life. So I don’t know.

JJJ: And finally, what would you like to see happen with your characters in season two?

KS: I think that especially in the final episode, with the realizations that happen, I think that it’s a growing up Karma moment. I would like to see her not do some questionable things like she’s done this season and have that growing up moment when she has to be a good friend and be a good person. I would just like to see her grow up a little bit.

RV: I would like to see Amy have an easier time (laughs) and not get the short end of the stick. I want her to be happier. I want her to be honest and not have to harbor a lot of secrets. And maybe meet someone. I know the fans are going to hate me for saying this, but if things with Karma in the meantime [don't work out]…I want this process of self-discovery for Amy to be a little bit easier than it has been so far.

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