Stefan & Elena Hold Hands in New 'Vampire Diaries' Season Six Poster!

Stefan & Elena Hold Hands in New 'Vampire Diaries' Season Six Poster!

Stelena fans, you’re gonna want to see this!

The brand new season six poster for The Vampire Diaries is here and Stefan (Paul Wesley) is holding hands with Elena (Nina Dobrev)!

Of course, it may not be a romantic thing. It could symbolize them leaning on one another as they try to move on from Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) deaths. Speaking of whom, the unlikely allies are seen locking arms too, which sends a pretty strong message that they will be bonding wherever they are.

Meanwhile, Caroline (Candice Accola), Tyler (Michael Trevino), Matt (Zach Roerig), Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), Alaric (Matt Davis), and Enzo (Michael Malarkey) are also featured.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new TVD poster?

Bigger version inside…

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stefan elena vampire diaries season 6 poster 01

  • Erika

    I am so freaking excited for this season to start already!!!!!

  • Ella

    oh man, I miss this two together so much! #Stelena

  • Amber

    Stelena and Bamon. This is exactly how the show should be.

  • elenor

    What it means is, that Damon and Elena are torn apart right now, and according from the promo Stefan will probably help her destroying herself from grief. Damon and Elena will fight to find there way back together again, because Damon will love nobody like he loves Elena Gilbert and Elena Gilbert likes nobody like she love Damon, as was seen in the Promo and the heartbreaking goodbye Scene. I had everything I ever wanted, a love that consumed Me , passion love and I thought it would last forever. She looked at Stefan like he was a nasty bug when he came back without Damon. People actually want Stefan to have the crumbs from that kind of love lol or bonnie for that matter., or want Elena to run back again to the other brother because she lost the love of her life.

  • daniella Moreira

    Eu tenho esperanças para Stelena! Sei que podemos, enfim, ver um voltando para o outro novamente. E julgando pela frase do poster, que por sinal é o nome de um livro no qual trata-se de se libertar de algo que te torna ruim; de algo que te torna co-dependente, acho sim que posso acreditar em Stelena. Pois a pedra da qual se retrata TVD é o Damon, ele é a pedra que a torna uma pessoa egoísta.
    Stefan é a pessoa que sempre lutou por ela, que sempre lutou pelas pessoas que ela ama. Que abriria mão de tudo por ela, por decisões dela, por seu amor por ela. Isso é amor!
    Quando você cresce e então espera encontrar alguém para passar o resto de sua vida você procura alguém como Stefan, não como Damon. Você irá buscar alguém para estar ao seu lado sempre, na alegria e na tristeza, nos altos e baixos. Não alguém que na primeira oportunidade mata o seu irmão ou alguém que você ama.
    Precisamos de Stelena! Eu acredito nos dois!

  • Melissa

    Fingers are crossed that Stefan and Elena find their way back to each other… not just b/c of the deaths of two important people, but b/c they are soul mates and their love is epic… #Stelena. Oh and Alaric is back!!!!! :)

  • Sibi

    I need Stelena back: they are amazing together and I want to see them get back together after all have happened.