'The Flash' Spoilers: Could This Theory About Iris' [SPOILER] Be True?

'The Flash' Spoilers: Could This Theory About Iris' [SPOILER] Be True?

If you haven’t watched the latest episode of The Flash, you need to STOP reading right now.


If you did, you know that Iris (Candice Patton) was kidnapped by Savitar and then stabbed straight through the back with his arm sword. Iris is dead…or is she?

We pray that THESE pics from the set aren’t really for Iris West.

EW put out a really good theory about how the Iris that died, wasn’t really Iris at all.

“What if HR somehow traded places with Iris before her death?” they propose, and instantly, we became intrigued.

Click inside to read more of their theory…

For mega-Flash fans, we all know that HR Wells (Tom Cavanagh) brought over light refraction technology from his Earth.

The mag hypothesizes that when Savitar left Iris’ side to avoid the “Speed Bazooka. What if, during that time, HR switched places with Iris and used the technology to take her place?”

It actually could be possible — in “Barry’s first glimpse of the future, he was alone on Infantino Street. But when Cisco (Carlos Valdes) vibed him to the future in the midseason premiere, Barry spotted HR with a futuristic gun.”

However, during the showdown, HR was nowhere to be seen. Where was he?

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  • Laurence Hill

    Nope. The season Finale trailer shows HR very much alive.

  • Trish Wilson

    It is possible that they used the light refracting technology. That was my first thought. An even better theory is that Savitar grabbed the wrong Iris when he followed them to the alternate Earth after HR’s slip of the tongue. But if they did use the light refracting tech, then think…who was NOT seen after Iris’ murder? Hm????