An 'Originals' Romance Was Killed Because Of Who Won The Presidency

An 'Originals' Romance Was Killed Because Of Who Won The Presidency

Well, this is sad.

A key romance on The Originals won’t be happening at all because of which candidate won the Presidency last year.

Showrunner Julie Plec explained during the ATX Festival this weekend that one writer turned in a script that featured a female character getting beat up by a man.

It was a flashback to centuries earlier, but nonetheless, it was scraped, and so was their romance.

“But he beat her up,” Julie shared. “We realized at that moment they can’t be together anymore. And we killed a love story on that day. One that people who watch the show are probably rooting for.”

She adds, “Narratively we were going down this path, but my conscience can’t advocate that kind of violence.”

While Julie never shares just which romance the presidency killed, it’s safe to assume that it was Elijah and Hayley.

The “villain” spoken about is one who is always “battling the fight between trying to be the most moral upstanding creature and yet has a very deep, dark place borne out of being a creature of the night for thousands of years, and has worked so hard to overcome it.”

TELL JJJ: What do you think about this? Are you still rooting for Hayley and Elijah regardless?

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  • Bella’s Shelf

    Maybe I missed something, but what does this have to do with who won the presidency?

    • Dee

      ok soo… not the only one, i also do not get the reference what are we missing here? can anyone explain the correlation?

    • Gina

      I’m guessing she doesn’t want to perpetuate the message that men get rewarded for disrespecting women??? That all I got lol. Her logic is flawed because supernatural creatures beat each other up all the time, regardless of gender.

      • Bianca Jackson

        Her logic is also flawed because Klaus is a much bigger problem than Elijah (who had already demonstrated a willingness to give Hayley up for the greater good), and yet JP allowed Hayley to turn herself into a monster to preserve Klaus’ place in Hope’s life. They could have written Hayley this season as someone who was finally free from the Mikelsons and their violent lifestyle, but was drawn back in by an external force. Instead, she apparently spent the last 5 years killing “people” to get them back but is now feeling buyer’s remorse. I feel like JP is being opportunistic and disingenuous by blaming Trump for her questionable decisions.

        • Sara

          The first thing Hayley did on TVD was get 12 of her “friends” killed that she pretended she was helping, because Shane told her he’d tell her where her biological parents were buried in return. Hayley was never a good person on either show, and she was already a murderer when we were introduced to the character.

          • Tiffany Adams

            Yes thank you! I have never understood why people were like poor hayley she us stuck with the Mikaelsons when she fits in just fine and was that way before them! As for her relationship with Elijah I’m equally parts happy its over and angry. Angry because of her reason behind her turning against Elijah. She knew what he was he warned her told her about when he first turned. That’s how she knew the red door was a bad place. But I’m happy cause I always felt like they were forced together and no real chemistry.

    • Lonniefdavis

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  • Kyng

    Seeing the romances she allowed on tvd, despite the violence to the characters, some of whom engaged in rape her statement makes no sense. I suspect she just decided to kill the romance in question because she personally didn’t like it.

    Full disclosure….I don’t give a damn either way about ships and such, and I’ll stop watching if originals becomes a shippers show. But JP is just full of it.

  • Shantel

    it dont really matter they dont never give us what we want to see….so wtf cares

  • Emma Grant

    It’s not Hayley and Elijah cos she ain’t been alive centuries….. I’m guessing Marcel and Rebecca

    • gabbibabii

      In the last episode when they were looking for Elijah’s soul, she went through the red door in his mind and it was a flashback and he best her up, but I agree with everyone else. They’re supernatural creatures nobody cares about their gender. I’m so sick of politics influencing my shows!! ????????

      • Cleo Tepes

        I watch this stuff to get away from politics and be ENTERTAINED!! I don’t watch vampire shows for commentary on the presidency in any year.

  • Gina

    Gimme a break. In the supernatural world, vampires, werewolves, hybrids etc beat each other up all the time; regardless of gender.

  • Breezy Carver

    Agreed Julie Plec as gifted and brilliant as she might be is a bleeding liberal I see her hating Republicans and Trump on Twitter all the time. I often post back We dont care about your politcal views. The show has nothing to do with politics. This is a terrible way to getting canceled!! They all forget they have Republican fans. We are American first not angry politicals. Its very anoying!! How about stop this hate right now! I watch Originals to escape reality News Flash!!!

    • Dr.Smilez

      That’s why I watch original and other tv shows like this too to escape this reality and dive right in to another one

  • karenkns

    Haley wasn’t alive centuries earlier, but I wouldn’t mind if she and Elijah were ended.

    But I find this funny since Julie Plec wrote Damon who no matter what he did, was forgiven and made the best man ever.

    • Dr.Smilez

      Yepp and kill off the actually good one

  • Gert Finkelhoffer

    Julie Plec is full of sh*t! Elijah & Haley have already been involved.

    Also, ‘JustJared’ in your sentence “it was scraped, and so was their romance”, that should be scrapped, 2 p’s.

  • Bianca Jackson

    This is total BS! The lesson she should have learned from the election is to stop turning villains into anti-heroes, which would have forced her conscience to cancel the show entirely. Instead, she is still pushing Kol and Davina despite him actually assaulting her in the real world just last season. I stomached the last 2 seasons of TVD because it always had its thrills, but JP has consistently thrown female empowerment and rationality under the bus in favor of Gothic romance. She has consistently had female characters favor the dreamy terrorist over the hunky stalwart. If she had any self-awareness, she would apologize for contributing to the false programming of young people and promise to do better.

  • Natalie Long

    Umm… it doesn’t make any sense for it to be Haylijah considering the flashback would have been centuries earlier and Hayley wasn’t around at that time. Unless they are referring to a scene where Hayley is trying to search for Elijah within his mind. I guess that would make sense if she’s referring to what happened behind the red door, but that wasn’t at all a flashback.

    Honestly this post just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, nor do I see any political connection to it….

    • Renata Klasova

      I think this it the past when Hayley for looking for Elijah in the past behind the red door..alse who else it would be ? Marcel and Rebekah ?

      • Dr.Smilez

        Yea those two I am rooting for too

    • Sara

      Hayley was observing a flashback. She was looking into his memories, so it was kind of flashback scene in that sense. There’s no other pairing this could potentially even be.

  • Renata Klasova

    This is really ridicoulos if they striked down something because who one. On the other side, I am maybe the only one, but if couple Hayley and Elijah would not happened I will send THANK YOU letter to president Trump :D

  • Kate Garoutte-Smith

    That’s ridiculous, I’m sure it was Rebecca and Marcel, because it said a flash back to centuries before, and Haley wasn’t even around then. Duh.

  • Hope Suitor

    That is bullshit been a fan of Hayley and Elijah since day one and they are still endgame they have all killed then caroline and Klaus is out