'Pretty Little Liars' Showrunner Says You Won't Find A.D.'s Identity in Earlier Seasons

'Pretty Little Liars' Showrunner Says You Won't Find A.D.'s Identity in Earlier Seasons

If you’re still looking for the identity of A.D. in the Pretty Little Liars pilot episode, or any episode through season 6, you can stop.

According to showrunner I. Marlene King, he or she isn’t there.

In an interview with ET, Marlene revealed that this “A.D.” is an entire new story, and you won’t find hints or clues in any of the earliest episodes.

But, maybe you will find them in the nine episodes of Season 7B….

“All of these last 10 episodes, we’ve dropped a lot of Easter Eggs intentionally because we wanted fans to have a really good chance to figure this out,” Marlene shared while talking about the finale with Sasha Pieterse by her side.

She added, “The person who is ‘A.D.’ asked me not to tell anyone because that person didn’t want to affect certain scenes in certain ways.”

BRB, going to binge-watch 7B all over again until Tuesday to try and figure this out…

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  • Stephen S. Bowman

    the only person I can connect all the dots to currently is Mary drake she even would have a connection to Archer Dunhill and Charlotte maybe Lucas to since Charlotte knew Lucas

    • Mkc99

      Honestly I’m not sure.
      I still don’t like the Cici/Charlotte/ Charles angle they pulled.
      I do think Wren has something to do with everything because I remember something was mentioned once about an English accent. We know that it was 100 percent not Dunhill. That being said I don’t think he is A.D. I think he was helping A.D. Maybe I’m crazy but in the last episode when A.D drove off it looked to me like it was a female. The person was small. I think it’s either a female or a very skinny male. I mean from everything I have read about the answers they give in regards to the finale
      I don’t think it’s Melissa. They weren’t even sure she could be in the finale. She is on another show. They wouldn’t make someone AD not knowing if they would be around.
      It’s not Alison because she found out who was AD after AD did in real life. After Spencer did. Before the rest of the girls. Again in real life.
      It’s not Toby because Marlene said she loved him too much basically to make him AD.
      It’s not Mona.
      It’s not Aria.

      They said they have been dropping a lot of clues this last season which would make you think the person appeared a lot in it.
      The people left are Emily and Hanna which A.D tortured Hanna and stole Emily’s eggs.
      Spencer which I never believed was the case until I saw the airport episode which wren was in.
      Ezra who was also in the airport scene which could be why it was so weird as well. No one is looking at it through that angle. Aria was the liar who was given the opportunity to be on the A team. Why aria? He’s always on the phone with someone. He wasn’t that close to his family before before. The video of Addison was takin behind the brew. A lot of stuff was left at the brew which he owns.
      Caleb who we know was an orphan in the beginning and technologically savy. Marlene said girls aren’t the only ones that do crazy stuff when they are hurt. Hanna hurt Caleb. She was the one who was tortured.
      Other wise the only people left this season are Mary as you said. Paige who they will not confirm appears in the finale. Lucas.
      I feel like it can go so many ways.

      • Stephen S. Bowman

        It just feels so silly to make Ezra AD plus have the Nicole story line I feel like all the bfs can get crossed off but some people still believe a Ezria wedding is not happening to the way synopsis is describe it makes it sound like AD kidnaps Ezra himself before the wedding well the synopsis from reddit should i say

        personally I think Marlene just likes trolling the fan base with Ezra clues as AD then change it again but honestly the clues don’t connect so bad to him as they do Mary Drake I just need to find out what the note was in 7×15 or if that was just nothing

  • B S

    If AD turns out to be Wren or Melissa I’m going to be seriously peeved. It would be a cheap way to end a show that dragged out 7 years!

  • taylor

    This just makes me think Alison is A.D. at 3:20 watch closely how Sasha reacts to Marlenes response.. then Marlene agrees that Sasha is a great secret keeper.