Dianne Doan, Monique Coleman & More Reveal Secrets Behind Their 'Guidance' Characters (Exclusive)


“I got the chance to play twins in this series,” Dianne reveals to us. “So it was a far stretch than any other character I’ve had to work on, especially since I had to develop two separate identities and backstories.”

“For Grace, on the outside, it appears that she’s the outgoing, popular, optimistic sister. When I think deep down, and you’ll see throughout the series, she’s dealing with a lot of personal issues at home and especially at school with who she thinks are her friends. She ended up being quite dark,” she adds.

But Faith is the one Dianne says is the black sheep.

“Throughout the season, I got the chance to play Faith more. Out of the two sisters, she would be the quieter, keeps to herself, and kind of the black sheep in her school.”

What’s the one trait your character has that you wish you did too?
Considering their age, I wish I were as strong willed and outspoken as Faith is. You’ll watch her throughout the season stand up for what she believes in and is constantly questioning and demanding for the truth.

What’s the quirkiest thing about your character?
It was really fun to get to play around with wardrobe this season. I got to wear colored contacts and hair extensions and have two completely different wardrobes and styles for each character.

If all the characters were all stuck on an island together Survivor style, which would be the first to be voted off?
I know who will win…Amy. She’s so creative and I’m obsessed with all of her adventures and travels, I would have an alliance with her for sure!!!

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