iJustine, Dolan Twins, Anna Akana & More React To Logan Paul's Japan Suicide Forest Video

iJustine, Dolan Twins, Anna Akana & More React To Logan Paul's Japan Suicide Forest Video

Digital creators and social stars are not happy with Logan Paul after his controversial video he posted over the weekend about his trip to Japan.

In the video, Logan paid a visit to Aokigahara, a forest at the base of Mt. Fuji known as the “Japanese Suicide Forest” and upon coming upon a dead man’s body, he included the footage in the video.

iJustine, Ricky Dillon, Eva Gutowski, Anna Akana and more social stars are disappointed in Logan and have shared their thoughts about what he did on social media.

“I’m hoping that video is “just a prank bro” – which would be EVEN WORSE. There is just no possible way anyone who witnessed that in person could laugh, or make jokes, let alone FILM IT,” iJustine wrote. “I’m beyond disturbed and I’m an adult. No child should be subjected to that, real or not.”

Justine even called out YouTube about the video, urging them to have repercussions for this kind of content.

“@YouTube you CANNOT ignore this. You have so many incredibly talented content creators who strive to make this platform a better place. Stop promoting the trash that makes us all look bad.”

While Logan apologized and deleted the video, the damage has been done.

See what other social stars are saying inside now…

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  • http://eternalozzie.com/ eternalozzie

    every one of those “creators” have used misleading clickbaity tactics to drive views. hypocrites.

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