Lilly Singh Opens Up About 'Mean Comments' in 'Vulnerable' Confession

Lilly Singh Opens Up About 'Mean Comments' in 'Vulnerable' Confession

Lilly Singh is getting real with fans about “mean comments.”

The YouTuber took to Instagram on Friday (April 3) to share her thoughts.

“Today I’m feeling vulnerable and whenever I feel like this, I try to have the courage to share because human connection always helps the heart,” she captioned the mirror selfie below. “Spending so much time at home has inevitably resulted in a lot of time spent on social media. I’ve been creating more and it’s been great because I’m really proud of the things I’ve been putting out into the world, especially now. But at the same time, more scrolling online also means seeing more negative comments. And can I be really honest? Even though I’ve been doing this for 10+ years, from time to time, mean comments still get to me.”

“Sometimes they even have me questioning myself,” she continued. “Perhaps that’s not the coolest or strongest thing to admit but it’s the truth. I feel no need to front. And then I feel disappointed in myself for letting strangers online impact my mood in real life. Do any of my fellow creators relate? And maybe you don’t even have to be an entertainer. Maybe everyone can relate? Maybe this is bittersweet for everyone. Either way, just wanted to share in case anyone else felt alone in this feeling.”

“Mostly because we’re usually surrounded by love but the mind can play tricks on us,” she added. “Silly mind. Tricks are for kids. Ultimately, I know the way forward is gratitude and love always. Im really grateful for my job and for those who support me. And I know tomorrow when I wake up, I’ll probably feel better, but just wanted to share this little slice of real with you tonight. We’re not alone ❤️ (I definitely don’t look like this right now btw… been wearing the same clothes for 4 days lol).”

ICYMI, Lilly Singh created her own Disney Channel show, The Wizard Twins of Hotel High! Watch it here.

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