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Katherine McNamara Dishes On Being There When Stephen Amell Said Goodbye to 'Arrow'

Katherine McNamara Dishes On Being There When Stephen Amell Said Goodbye to 'Arrow'

Katherine McNamara is opening up about the final days of Arrow.

The 24-year-old actress played Mia Smoak, the daughter of Oliver and Felicity.

While we still await the news of the Green Arrow and the Canaries spinoff getting picked up, Katherine recently dished about being there when Stephen Amell wrapped on Arrow.

“You could tell how much he cared about each world we said goodbye to and each guest star and character that would come on to do their grand finale and their goodbye,” she told Buzzfeed. “And then, getting to go through the Crisis on Infinite Earths by his side for most of it. It was so special and so unique. Arrow started this whole legacy of superhero shows on The CW and getting to be there and witness what it had built and the family that it had brought together was amazing. I really felt honored.”

Katherine also said that she loved watching the Olicity scenes with Stephen and Emily Bett Rickards.

“Seeing Emily and Stephen interact is always amazing. I do feel like they’re my parents. I’m like so proud every time I watch them do a scene together. We couldn’t have done [the series finale] without her. I’m just so glad we got to have her, it was such a treat,” she added.

In case you missed it, check out the first teaser of Katherine in the upcoming mini-series The Stand!

'Arrow' Producer Shares What Would Happen If 'Green Arrow & The Canaries' Doesn't Get Picked Up

'Arrow' Producer Shares What Would Happen If 'Green Arrow & The Canaries' Doesn't Get Picked Up

Green Arrow & The Canaries producer Marc Guggenheim is speaking out about the spinoff.

The producer recently opened up about what would happen to the possible new show and those characters if it doesn’t get picked up.

“Certainly, the backdoor pilot ended with the cliffhanger of William’s abduction. And I do think we owe answers to a lot of those moments and questions,” he told TV Line.

“My instinct would be to try to answer those questions in the form of, like, a comic book tie-in — which is not to say that it couldn’t be done on the other shows,” Marc continued. “When you’re dealing with another time period, the year 2040 in this case, the only show that could handle that or really deal with those questions is Legends [of Tomorrow]. [But that] is a tricky bit of business, since the tonal mashup between Legends and Canaries is so very different. On the other hand, you’ve got Sara, who is sort of the connective glue there….”

“I look at these things as ‘quality problems,” he added. “I love the fact that we now have a universe of shows that allows us to ask ourselves these questions and explore different things and answer questions from different shows, but we also have comic books as an outlet, as well.”

'Arrow' Creator Reveals Finale Almost Went a Different Way

'Arrow' Creator Reveals Finale Almost Went a Different Way

The Arrow series finale was originally supposed to be much different.

Creator Marc Guggenheim recently opened up about how Oliver’s death was always planned, but for the actual finale.

“I always saw the show ending with Oliver’s death, but Oliver’s death in the actual finale,” he told Fake Nerd Podcast. “Then I kind of had a little bit of a fantasy that Oliver would die and you’d end with some sort of news broadcast talking about his legacy and that would sort of become the voice over.”

“And then you would go to this rooftop in a whole other city, and on the cut a thug or some bad guy would crash into the frame, having been punched off-screen,” Marc added. “And these pair of black boots would come down right in front of him and there’d be a flutter of a scalloped cape and the voice over would say something along the lines of, ‘Oliver Queen inspired a whole new generation of vigilantes.’ The implication being, of course, that he inspired Batman. So that, of course, didn’t happen for a variety of different reasons – not the least of which is Batwoman came along – but that was my original conception.”

The Arrow finale almost could have spawned a Batman series, but they decide to hand the reigns over to Oliver’s daughter Mia for the Green Arrow & The Canaries backdoor pilot. Still no word yet if that show will be picked up to series.

Stephen Amell Joins TikTok, Posts 'Arrow' Themed Video

Stephen Amell Joins TikTok, Posts 'Arrow' Themed Video

Stephen Amell is one of many celebs who have just joined TikTok!

The 38-year-old actor signed up for the app on Tuesday (March 17), and one of his first videos was Arrow themed.

In the clip, the theme song for his hit CW series could be heard playing and he goes to reach for an arrow from his back.

“Might have lost my touch,” he captioned it.

In case you missed it, Stephen will be going live on Instagram every day to connect with people while social distancing.

During his first live, he shared that he’s pretty done with his Arrow character.

“No, I’m done. That was good,” he said. “It was a good eight years, but it was time to be done.”


Might have lost my touch.

♬ Arrow – TV Themes

'Arrow' Producer Shares Script From Olicity's Final Scene

'Arrow' Producer Shares Script From Olicity's Final Scene

Arrow may have aired its final episode last month, but there are still some special behind-the-scenes moments from the show.

Consulting producer Marc Guggenheim just posted the script from the show’s final moments which featured a long-awaited reunion between Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).

“Here you go,” Marc simply captioned the two script pages.

Felicity last appeared on Arrow during season seven, leaving many fans wondering if she would return for the series finale.

Check out the script to see how Felicity and Oliver reunion played out…

'Arrow' Series Finale Seemingly Confirms This Long-Running Fan Theory!

'Arrow' Series Finale Seemingly Confirms This Long-Running Fan Theory!

Spoilers ahead! Don’t read if you haven’t watched the series finale of Arrow.

Fans totally went crazy over the final moments of the Arrow series finale!

The finale saw the end of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) sacrificing himself in order to reboot the universe and create the combined Earth Prime universe that all the Arrowverse heroes now live in.

At the end of the episode, the Green Arrow’s bodyguard John Diggle (David Ramsey) teases new adventures to come, and we see a meteor streak across the sky. Diggle then goes to the crash site and finds a box with an emerald ring inside – aka the power ring worn by The Green Lantern.

For years, it has been a long-running theory by Arrow fans that Diggle would turn out to be Green Lantern John Stewart. The show’s been dropping Easter eggs on that theory for years with us learning that Diggle’s grandfather’s last name was “Stewart” and once in an alternate universe version of the Flash once asked Diggle “where’s your ring?” when he met him.

“That was something that we’ve been working our way towards for a good long time now,” showrunner Marc Guggenheim shared with Deadline. “I think for maybe about a year, year-and-a-half we’ve known that this was a moment we’re going to be able to do, and it made sense to do it in the finale because my attitude is that even though the show ends, as long as the characters are alive the characters continue on. One of the things we wanted to do with the finale was give you a sense as to what their post-show trajectories would be. And certainly, Diggle’s is probably the most intriguing.”

Here’s to hoping we get more from The Green Lantern in the future!

Here's All the 'Arrow' Stars Returning For The Series Finale

Here's All the 'Arrow' Stars Returning For The Series Finale

Arrow is about to air its series finale and lots of fan favorites are returning for the final episode!

The show, which spanned eight seasons, will feature Oliver Queen’s funeral in the last episode, which will be attended by quite a few characters.

According to GreenArrowTV, returning characters include Emily Bett Rickards is back as Felicity, Susanna Thompson as Moira, Colton Haynes as Roy and Grant Gustin as Barry.

Other characters set to make an appearance include Joe Dinicol as Rory, Echo Kellum as Curtis, Jack Moore as Young William, Willa Holland as Thea, Caity Lotz as Sara, Sea Shimooka as Emiko and even Kat McNamara as adult Mia Smoak-Queen.

The Arrow series finale airs TONIGHT at 9 PM on the CW.