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If Adam Rippon Were To Do 'DWTS', Here's Who He'd Like To be Paired With

If Adam Rippon Were To Do 'DWTS', Here's Who He'd Like To be Paired With

There have been many rumors swirling around Adam Rippon joining Dancing With The Stars — however, there’s a little hitch.

The 28-year-old Olympic figure skater is committed to Stars on Ice, which will run from April 6th to mid-May.

However, if Meryl Davis and Charlie White could do it, Adam can do it. We mean, Meryl even went on to win season 18.

“You know, it would be a crazy schedule,” Adam told ET. “Like, the dates are all going on during the Stars on Ice tour, so it would be a lot of traveling.”

The all-athlete season of DWTS only runs for four weeks, and will start on April 30th. So, we’ll see!

Adam also dished about his dance skills, which are like “a crazy person, like really outgoing, kinda, like, loud, so when I go out, I’ll just start dancing a little bit and I’ll be having a good time and usually people think like, ‘Oh, she’s crazy’.”

“They’re not wrong, but usually it looks like I’m going to hurt myself. And that’s by myself! I don’t know what kind of insurance [there is].”

But who would be want to be paired with? He’s got his eye on the winner!

“I do love the girls on the show,” Adam says. “I think any choice would be great. If I did have the chance to do the show, I mean, I always love watching Lindsay [Arnold], Witney [Carson] or Jenna [Johnson]. They’re great.”

Witney Carson Will Be Returning to 'Dancing With The Stars'

Witney Carson Will Be Returning to 'Dancing With The Stars'

Witney Carson‘s father-in-law recently passed away after a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer, however, that doesn’t mean she’s not returning for the next season of Dancing With The Stars.

After opening up to fans about her recent home purchase with husband Carson McAllister, the 24-year-old dancer says she will be coming back.

“I’ll still be doing the show,” Witney shared in a reply.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Witney Carson

We’re not sure just which pros are returning for the shortened, all-athlete season of the spring season just yet. The pros and cast will be announced next month, ahead of the April 30th premiere date.

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'Dancing With The Stars' Renewed For 27th Season!

'Dancing With The Stars' Renewed For 27th Season!

ABC is keeping Dancing With the Stars aruond for another season!

The reality competition show will return for a 27th season, JJJ can confirm, which will debut in the fall, after the all-athlete season coming this spring.

If you missed the news, DWTS also just got a new showrunnerAndrew Llinares.

“The challenge is to find a way to hold on to the key values of the show, while moving it forward while keeping current and fresh,” he told THR about his goals for the series.

“It’s definitely about evolution rather than revolution.”

He adds, “Story and emotion are absolutely key for me. With that in mind, I want us to find ways to make the stories on the show even more compelling and the emotional connection which the viewer has to the performances, even stronger. I also want us to come up with ideas that surprise and excite the viewers every week so that they keep coming back for more.”

Julianne Hough Won't Be Back as a Judge for 'DWTS' All-Athlete Season

Julianne Hough Won't Be Back as a Judge for 'DWTS' All-Athlete Season

If you were hoping to see Julianne Hough back on the judges panel for the next season of Dancing With The Stars, we have to burst that bubble.

Turns out, she’s not and confirmed it with ET in a recent interview.

Julianne says that she has so many other projects going on at the moment, it would be hard to be back in the ballroom right now.

“So many things are happening,” she says. “Obviously, Dancing has always been my family. I was on it, I left for a little while, I came back. So, who knows what will transpire [in the future]. But as of right now, I’m focusing on that show (Blackpool), my acting and then my music. That’s really sort of my focus right now.”

But, she will be working with brother Derek Hough a bit on NBC’s World of Dance season two.

“I actually just did a mentor session with [Derek],” Julianne shared. “He asked me to come and mentor, so, yeah. I just did it the other day. It was so much fun and the dancers are incredible.”

World of Dance will return on Tuesday, May 29 on NBC, while Dancing With The Stars is back at the end of April.

Val Chmerkovskiy Wishes He & Zendaya Would've Won 'Dancing With The Stars' Together

Val Chmerkovskiy Wishes He & Zendaya Would've Won 'Dancing With The Stars' Together

Val Chmerkovskiy is like us all, wishing that he and Zendaya would’ve won Dancing With The Stars back in season 16.

Speaking with ET this week, the pro dancer and author opened up about that being his biggest heartbreak on the show.

“That was a huge heartbreak for me because she was 16,” he shared. “I wanted this to be such a huge moment for her. She worked so hard, and I really wanted her to lift that trophy and jump-start her career. And she didn’t lift the trophy and I felt heartbroken about that.”

Val adds that he wanted winning to be a move that would jump start her career, and even though they didn’t win, her career did go higher after that.

“I wish I could go back and have another chance at that season, because I feel like she was an incredible talent and I could’ve done better. I think I wasn’t as good as I am definitely now as a choreographer and as a teacher and dancer,” Val says.

“I would’ve loved to give her another shot at that, but outside of that, she turned out pretty fine,” he says.

Now we need to have another all-star season of the show, in which Val and Zendaya WILL be lifting up that mirrored ball trophy.

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