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Jaden Hossler Gets Candid About Depression & Suicide Attempts

Jaden Hossler Gets Candid About Depression & Suicide Attempts

Jaden Hossler is opening up about his battles with depression.

In a recent interview, the 19-year-old singer and TikTok star recently shared about his experiences.

“This is one thing I try to preach to other people because I’ve learned it myself. Pain is a very important thing for people,” he told Forbes. “A lot of people try to run from it. I did for most of my life, but you can’t escape pain. What you can do is choose how you let it affect you. You can either let it destroy you or you can let it change you and help you become a better person.”

“To my experience there was a lot of hate in my heart growing up. I went through a lot of things that drove me to hate myself and everyone around me,” Jaden continued. “I didn’t have appreciation for human life or anything like that. And then my senior year a situation happened with a very close person in my life that drove me to the darkest depression I’ve ever had in my life.”

“I was really involved in school and in sports and my senior year I just dropped it all. I didn’t go to school for like four months. I didn’t even really leave my room. I lost like 20, 25 pounds, tried to commit suicide like twice. I really just didn’t have any grasp at life,” Jaden said. “But after that last attempt and it just didn’t work it really brought me out of this selfishness that I really just kind of surrounded myself with. Everything I was doing at that point was for myself and after that, one, I vowed to myself I would never lie. Before I lived off of lies and manipulation. I stopped lying, which people are scared about not lying because it could hurt you in the moment.”

“But I promise it’s so much better in the end if you’ll just be honest to yourself and other people. Then two, I just started loving people.”

In case you missed it, check out Jaden Hossler‘s new song “So What!”

Jaden Hossler Drops New Song 'So What!' With Travis Barker

Jaden Hossler Drops New Song 'So What!' With Travis Barker

jxdn aka Jaden Hossler has released his brand new track “So What!” with Travis Barker!

The 19-year-old TikTok star dropped the song on Thursday (July 16) with the Blink-182 drummer on the drums, of course.

If you didn’t know, Jaden is actually the first artist signed to Travis‘ label DTA Records!

jxdn also teased the music video for the song, which sees him in a quintessential high school experience in the vein of cult-classic films like 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s All That and Grease, with surprise cameos from other TikTok stars throughout.

After posting on Instagram that if he got 100k comments, he would release the video, fans and friends flooded the comment section and easily got to 100k in just an hour.

“in an hour ?? geeeeezzzz OKAY BET stay tuned today,” Jaden wrote on Twitter afterwards, adding, “bear with ME, we are making the music video PERFECT for you guys bc i settle for nothing less, expect a video in the next couple days <33 trust me it’s worth the wait"

Jaden Hossler & Josh Richards Are Taking Time Away From Sway House

Jaden Hossler & Josh Richards Are Taking Time Away From Sway House

Sway House is now down two members!

Over the weekend, Jaden Hossler and Josh Richards announced they were stepping away from the TikTok house to focus on their music.

“hello everyone please know how grateful i am for you all. music has saved my life, & i’m sure it has for many of you. with that, i have decided to dedicate my time & efforts to that side of my career. Josh & I have decided to take a hiatus from sway,” Jaden wrote on Twitter on Saturday (May 30). “we are excited for what’s to come, and thank you all for your support!”

“just to inform you Josh and I are very excited about the content we are about to bring to you guys! ALSO we are very hopeful and excited to use our platform to spread LOVE!” Jaden added.

“I would first like to express how important you guys are to me, you’ve all given me so much to be blessed for & a life that I’ve always dreamed of. With that, I have decided to focus on furthering my projects & ventures in the entrepreneurial, music, social media, and artistic industry. Jaden & I have decided to go on a hiatus from Sway. Love you all, and will always love my sway family,” Josh wrote on his account. “I have a lot of really big announcements coming soon that I’m excited to share with you. I am stoked for what’s to come for @jadenhossler and I.”

The news comes less than a week after Jaden and Bryce Hall were arrested over Memorial Day weekend during a road trip with the Sway House crew.

Sway House Members Bryce Hall & Jaden Hossler Arrested Over The Holiday Weekend

Sway House Members Bryce Hall & Jaden Hossler Arrested Over The Holiday Weekend

Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler were arrested on Monday night (May 25) in Giddings, Texas.

The 20-year-old and 19-year-old TikTok stars and members of Sway House got into a bit of trouble during part of their cross country road trip over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

The two guys were reportedly arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, which is not legal in the state of Texas.

According to the TikTokRoom Instagram page, Bryce was charged with a misdeamoner, while Jaden‘s was more serious and charged with a felony.

Both Bryce and Jaden were released on Tuesday morning, and both updated fans that they were out and back online.

“im back,” Bryce wrote on Twitter.

“hi,” Jaden simply wrote.