Netflix Releases 'Heartstopper' Blooper Reel: 'You Asked, We Heard You' - Watch!

Netflix Releases 'Heartstopper' Blooper Reel: 'You Asked, We Heard You' - Watch!

The bloopers for fan-favorite series Heartstopper have been released!

Netflix debuted the two minute long video on Thursday (May 5), showing some of what went down behind-the-scenes.

“You asked, we heard you. 🍂 Here’s two minutes of adorable Heartstopper bloopers!” the Netflix UK & Ireland Twitter account posted.

There were a few standout moments in the blooper reel that fans really gravitated towards.

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One moment is when the group runs into the band room while looking for Tara (Corinna Brown) and Darcy (Kizzy Egdall), and Joe Locke (Charlie) just did the scene with his mask still on, and no one noticed!

Another standout is when Olivia Colman and Kit Connor (Nick Nelson) are doing a scene, and she forgot her lines. “I can’t remember my words. I just got all overwhelmed with your little face,” she said. Awww!!

Finally, the very last blooper, which is from Sports Day in the final episode of the season, and sees Joe struggling to put his jersey on.

Check out all of the bloopers now!

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