Zac Efron is a Standard Stud

Zac Efron is a Standard Stud

Zac Efron blocks his face from the paparazzi as he heads into the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (March 31).

The 22-year-old actor was seen out yesterday at the Chateau Marmont for another business meeting.

Zac is in the running for several MTV Movie Awards. Make sure you vote for him in the categories you want him to win!

JJJ is pulling for Best Fight between him and Thomas Lennon.

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Credit: ME; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • http://j chelsea

    hottie alert:)

  • qbeaniie

    HOT ;) is all i can say.

  • qbeaniie

    HOT ;)
    is all I can say!

  • Yamunah

    wat a hottie

  • beatriz



  • amy

    Love him <3 so gorgeous!

  • bianca

    oh there’s nothing standard about him…HE’S SO HOTTT!!

  • kat

    Demasiado lindo y extremadamente sexy <3

  • Karen

    He’s looking good—AND busy.

  • pop86

    @chelsea: LOL I agree.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Such simple clothing and yet he can make it look so sexy. :D I want him and other actors/actresses to win.. but I think Twilight will sweep the awards once again.. Yeah.

  • nikki

    OMG i think i died and went to heaven!!!! what a SEXXXY beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nikki

    OMMGGG! i cant stop looking at hom!!!! :) yum yum yummm!!! WOW!!!
    i wanna date him!! ;)

    LUCKY VANESSA :-P hes suppppeeerrrr HHHOOOTTT<333!

    love you zac efronnnnn!!!

  • green bay

    O-M-GEE LOL…..
    Zac really gets hotter an hotter the more i see him…
    He is looking amazingly hot.

  • mrs.efron baby

    MMMMMMMMMMMM now thats a summer hottie haha. Hope he wins he deserves it. Zac is so amazing! i am in love. ha

  • brad

    My man is loookin fine.. LOL XD DAYUM LOL. i wanna sexx him up! hehe.

  • woww

    wow is all i can say. i think im getting a crush on zac efron. wow i can’t believe im saying that! haha wow zac efron hes hot

  • Katty

    He is sooooooo sexxy. Love him so much…. <3 I cant wait until we have more information about his movies. Maybe all of these meetings are about Flash Gordon???!!!

    Can’t wait for CSC Zac! It looks great! Award-worthy.

  • lilly

    OMG!! I want me some creamy Zac-a-roni-and-cheese.

    Hot and Zexy!!

  • Emma

    @Katty: ahahah i think you posted something about wanting him to play Flash Gordon before on a different post lol; you’re gonna be excited if that actually happens for him.

  • duuumm

    thanks for hiding your face zac….

  • abby

    Hmmmm HELLO Zac. God he can do nothing at all and still look damn sexy. Hottie alert BIG TIME.

  • kim

    wow…he is adorable. I will be voting for him :)

  • zaclover

    DONT HIDE YOUR GORGEOUS FACE ZAC EFRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please dont haha.! hes so hot

  • claudia

    Damn Hot!!!!…
    he look sexy everytime…you’re gonna kill me one of this days



  • chris

    i think his hair is at the perfect length right now. i love it!

  • Emma

    a shame that twilights gonna steal all the votes. man i hate those twilight movies… vampires are so over. zombies took over like 3 months ago ;) but zac efron never gets old

  • zaclover

    @Emma: true that… i dont think zac efron will ever get old!! hes a legend!! :)

  • hotttt

    hot hot hot hot hot hottttttt

    dang dang dang dang dang dang

    i wanna

    bang bang bang bang bang

    him him him him!!

  • hotttt

    i wanna BANG BANG BANG BANGGGG HIM!!!!! ughh god!! i have sexual dreams about zac efron!!!!!

  • t

    he looks handsome
    hope it’s for another movie this meeting

  • abby

    @zaclover: I agree. Zac for sure isn’t ever going to get old. I truly think he’s one of the few actors in young hollywood who’s going to be around for a long time.

  • athena

    Awh, Zac show us your beautiful face….think about your fans….: )

  • Katty


    Helll yes I will be excited! I think Zac could use his own successful series, it would be a major boost to his career, and give him a lot of respect.

    I love Zac… he is a great actor and a good person…not to mention yummy

  • duuumm


    yupp, it sucks but its just the mtv movie awards, not the oscars. ;)

  • zaclover

    @abby: LOL i know.. i think zac will be around for a LONG time :) and im soo happy!!!! hes my love

  • justine

    ZAC SHOW YOUR FACE! All of us want to see your sexy face!!!!

  • de De De

    alright dont mind me, im just here looking at zac’s butt in pic 3 ;)

  • zaclover

    @de De De: ROFL i think all of us are doing the same hunny LOL

  • London Lemming

    Mr Efron is looking good.
    @Katty: You said in your earlier post that you hoped maybe this meeting was about Flash Gordon. I can pretty much guarantee it wasn’t. When an actor like Zac is speculatively linked to a movie such as Flash Gordon it means that Zac or his people will not have even been approached about Zac appearing in the movie. At the moment the people behind Flash Gordon are just using Zac’s name to get some publicity for their movie. if Zac’s name gets a favourable reaction from fans and other people proposed to work on the project, he will most likely be approached.
    There have been many instances over the past year where Zacs name has been used to attract interest in a movie. Spiderman ( Zac still hasn’t been approached), The Hangover 2 ( Denied by both Zac and the creators) .

    More than likely the meetings Zac has been to over the past 2 days were to do with his production company or with the 2 movies we know he has already signed with for WB. As executive producer on BOTH of these movies, Zac is required to attend all meetings pertaining to the production of these movies. Taking these movies to the big screen will take a long time as right now they are still in their VERY early stages of conception.

    You may see Zac attending plenty of meetings in the coming weeks and I can pretty much guarantee they will be for his two WB movies, which at the moment I believe are his main focus.

  • pop86

    @London Lemming: I agree.Any candid we see of Zac attending business are relating to the two movies he doing for WB. I thought that FlashGordon thing was a publicity stunt done by the producers of that film.

  • http://google BARBARA

    I’m so happy for Zac, he works so hard, I know his movies are going to be good, because at a young age he knows want it takes and want he wants. God bless him always.

  • Mona

    Considering that 17 Again came out almost a year ago, I’m kinda surprised at Zac being nominated for 3 awards, and the movie for Best Movie. Of course he deserves it, but awards are not always an indication of an actor’s skill/ability. Often it’s about popularity, especially with KCA, TCA, MTV etc. I would be willing to bet that Zac wasn’t too upset at not winning the Kids Choice Award for Best Male Star. It means he’s moving into a different demographic. Now he’s busy with getting his next projects off the ground. Cannot wait to see the results!

  • inji

    OKAY, this pictures actually made me drool, ahaha.
    he’s soo… PHWOAR… *fans face with hands*

  • Felicia

    He is getting so HOT wow :-P

  • Mi-Mi

    I think I’ve just fainted=]

  • nikki

    WOWZAAAA!!!!! <3333 i dont want him to hide his faceee :( he has the most hottest face ever! :) and his hair and everything!!!!!!!!

  • ashley

    looking hot as always !!

  • green bay

    dayum that’s so HOT

  • Carrie

    He is so hott. I saw 17 Again and it was really funny.