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Meet 'Turnt' Star Jayna Sweet with 10 Fun Facts!

Meet 'Turnt' Star Jayna Sweet with 10 Fun Facts!

Meet Jayna Sweet, the breakout star of Facebook’s new series, Turnt!

The young actress, who you might recognize from Lemonade Mouth, stars as Natalie in the new Facebook show.

Turnt centers on a group of friends, who try to navigate the travails of high school after a scandalous hookup leads to bad trips, budding romance, and secret sex.

The series premiered earlier this month, and continues to premiere three episodes every week.

Learn more about Jayna with 10 Fun Facts below!

  • I will eat ANY vegetable, but I don’t like very much fruit.
  • As a little kid, it was one of my biggest dreams to become a spy.
  • I can quote almost every line in She’s the Man right on cue.
  • I haven’t had meat in over seven years – and have been vegan for almost two.
  • My friends and I used to write plays and perform them for our parents at sleepovers.
  • I love anything lavender – lavender lattes, lavender cookies, lavender salt, lavender oil…If it has lavender in it, I want it!
  • When I was 13, I served at an orphanage in Kenya where I taught in their school.
  • When I was 8, I rode a zip line in Alaska with a broken arm.
  • I love coffee. My go-to order is an iced hazelnut soy latte.
  • I seriously love Alice in Wonderland. I’ve read “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”/”Alice Through the Looking Glass” multiple times and collect different editions of the book. My favorite film version is the 1999 television movie directed by Nick Willing.
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AJ Mitchell Is Girl Crazy in 'Girls' Music Video - Watch!

AJ Mitchell Is Girl Crazy in 'Girls' Music Video - Watch!

AJ Mitchell is going girl crazy in the “Girls” music video, and you can watch it right here!

The 17-year-old Illinois-bred rising star released the visual for his latest track on Thursday (August 16), which is also featured on his debut EP, Hopeful.

“I want people to dance and be able to relate to my music. Girls give me a lot to write about,” AJ says of “Girls.”

AJ, who just inked a deal with Epic Records earlier this year, is set to perform at Arthur Ashe’s Kids Day on August 25 at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in flushing, New York.

“I guess being Hopeful has kind of been an idea in my whole journey in music so far. I started to notice my friends are all pursuing dreams; acting, singing, dancing, politics, doing stuff on social media. Kids are having a voice and people are paying attention. And well…I think it started as hoping people would be into the covers I was posting. Then I was Hopeful that people would like my music, come see me play live, and sing along to my lyrics. Putting out this music is something I’ve been Hopeful about for a while. I’m just so excited to share it with my fans and everyone,” he says.

AJ also recently posed for a RAW shoot and discussed his music career and played RAW’s Word Play. Check it out!

Watch the music video for “Girls” below!

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Asher Angel's 'Chemistry' Music Video Was Inspired By Michael Jackson!

Asher Angel's 'Chemistry' Music Video Was Inspired By Michael Jackson!

Asher Angel‘s new music video for “Chemistry” was inspired by the King of Pop himself – Michael Jackson!

The director of Asher‘s video, Nayip Ramos, exclusively spilled about how he came up with the concept for the vid.

“I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson music videos as a kid. I wanted to do a cross between ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ and ‘Smooth Criminal,’” Nayip explained to JJJ.

He added, “Asher also has this great timeless value to him. Like a young Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby. So I wanted to make something that felt fresh and hip but also timeless like the 1920s.”

Make sure to check out Asher‘s entire music video, which just hit 1 million views!

These Are Joey King's Favorite Scary Movies!

These Are Joey King's Favorite Scary Movies!

Joey King has starred in a bunch of scary movies over the years and she also loves to watch them!

In celebration of her new horror film Slender Man, we asked Joey, 19, to name her five favorite scary movies and why she loves them so much. Here is her list, in no particular order:

  • 1. The Conjuring

    I know what you’re thinking: “Joey, you can’t list a movie that you’ve been in.” Well, I’d be lying to myself and all of you if I didn’t say that this is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen…still haunts my dreams at night.

  • 2. It (2017)

    I excitedly read the GIGANTIC book in preparation for the new movie! IT not only scared the crap out of me, but all the kids really crushed it and had me laughing (and screaming) the entire time. I loved it so much I watched it twice in theaters. I even took my grandma the second time…maybe not the best move.

  • 3. The Silence of the Lambs

    This movie is so incredible! The first time I saw it I was alone in my room and decided to start watching it at 1:00AM. Let’s just say when the movie was over I crawled into my parent’s room. To this day, I even have a poster of it in my room. It’s an art piece mashed up with some other film posters that are my favs.

  • 4. The Purge Anarchy

    To be honest, all these films really mess with my head, especially this one. What scares me is that this feels like it could really happen. Human beings can be terrifyingly brutal, and I think this film really captures that reality in a heightened way.

  • 5. Get Out

    Wow, what a movie. This movie is FOR SURE a favorite for so many reasons. The cinematography just blew my mind, the acting was incredible, and the plot really makes you stop and think. This movie will live on for many, many years and it’s so well deserved. I’ll never forget this movie.

Go see Slender Man, in theaters now!

Freaky Friday's Jason Maybaum Reveals His Favorite Magic Trick (Exclusive)

Freaky Friday's Jason Maybaum Reveals His Favorite Magic Trick (Exclusive)

Jason Maybaum is taking on the role of a budding magician in his brand new movie, Freaky Friday, which premieres TONIGHT on Disney Channel.

Speaking with the 10-year-old actor, JJJ got him to reveal just how good he is at magic now and his favorite trick ever.

“I love magic. I’m better with the movie magic behind me, but I have been learning card tricks and illusions since Freaky Friday because magic is so cool,” Jason tells us.

However the craziest one he learned isn’t even in the movie!

“I learned a crazy trick where I could make things appear and disappear, but it was too freaky, so it isn’t in the movie,” Jason says. “But there is a cool trick in the movie where I pull endless streamers out of my mouth.”

Freaky Friday airs TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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