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Liam Payne Opens Up About One Direction & Living With Anxiety

Liam Payne Opens Up About One Direction & Living With Anxiety

Liam Payne is getting candid about his One Direction days, living with anxiety, and more.

The “For You” singer dished during a new interview with Esquire Middle East.

“When we did the band stuff it was very—not exactly scripted—but let’s just say you kind of knew your audience very well,” Liam said about 1D. “We’d usually sell a tour out before we’d even done an album. And then they [the record producers] would go: ‘Right, you’re doing stadiums.’ And then you’d go: ‘Okay, so we need longer choruses—the kind of songs that people can chant in a stadium.’ You had to kind of write around the tour.”

“It’s a very backwards way to do it,” he continued. “Obviously people don’t really tend to write like that. But we just had no time, so it was like: ‘Quick! We need another hit and another and another!’ It was actually easier to write in that scenario because there were so many hoops you had to jump through. … It wouldn’t necessarily be my choice of music now—it wasn’t something that I would listen to—but I just knew how to make it, if that makes sense?”

“‘Strip That Down’ was amazing and I was really happy with the success of it—but it didn’t necessarily paint the right picture of me and who I actually am,” he added about his newer music. “I always found, to start off with, that with a lot of the chains and the clothes and the fashion, I was kind of hiding behind something. We did a billion streams for ‘Strip That Down’ but it still all gets a bit heady and at a certain point you’re like: ‘what the f–k am I doing here?’ It’s a bit like being stuck out in deep water and you’re just going ‘well, it would be really nice to get back now.’”

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Anna Todd Has a Sweet Message for One Direction For Inspiring 'After'

Anna Todd Has a Sweet Message for One Direction For Inspiring 'After'

If you aren’t aware, Anna Todd‘s “After” novel was originally a One Direction fan fiction story, that was discovered on Wattpad.

Back then, instead of Hardin Scott, it was Harry Styles.

After it turned into a worldwide sensation, the re-worked fanfiction Now, Anna‘s book turned into a movie, and now is just a week away from hitting theaters.

Speaking with IBT in a new interview, Anna opened up about a message she’d send to the band for first inspiring her to write the original story.

“I think I would just say, ‘Thanks’,” she shared. “Like, literally, ‘Thank you.’”

Anna added, “My entire life would’ve been different if it wasn’t for reading One Direction fanfiction. So, I think I would just say, ‘Thanks,’ and I don’t know what I would say after that, to be honest, but I would just say, ‘Thank you.’”

Here’s hoping that one of them turns up at the premiere in LA next week!

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Louis Tomlinson Reflects on Adapting From One Direction to a Solo Career

Louis Tomlinson Reflects on Adapting From One Direction to a Solo Career

Louis Tomlinson is opening up about life after One Direction, his new song “Two of Us,” his snacking habits, and more!

Here’s what the singer had to share with Nova’s Smallzy’s Surgery:

On his new song “Two of Us,” dedicated to his late mother: “It was important for me to write this song because as a songwriter, it’s amazing to be able to write about the positive and the negative, and to get things off my chest really so I can move forward – and I always knew I needed to write this song. I did a session with a few guys who played in the verse and chorus, and I just fell in love with it straight away. I changed a bit of the chorus to make it more personal, and I just fell in love with it.”

“I’m lucky really, I have said in a couple of interviews, I didn’t think I was ready to write this song on my own yet because in my own head, I wanted to be two to three years more into my songwriting because it’s a lot of responsibility, but as soon as I heard the ID, it was great – and hopefully, I want to get my point across as well. I don’t want it to be sad, I want it to be hopeful.”

On adapting from One Direction to a solo career: “The change from being in the band was quite drastic to be honest. It’s been something that’s been super exciting but also the responsibility of it, I have said before, when we brainstorm an idea and spoke about it in the group, you know, even if I brought an idea to the table and if we all agreed at the end of it, we would agree on it as a collective, and now every decision is on my head, so I feel the pressure with that, definitely.”

On his grocery shopping and snack habits: “Every now and then I’ll do my own shopping, I like to keep the awareness of the price of milk! But I do do a little bit of online shopping for the food! [I eat] a lot of junk food – lots of fast food really – [but] it’s starting to build up, and I’m conscious I’ll have to do some exercise soon!”

One Direction Celebrates '8 Years of One Direction' - See Their Tweets!

One Direction Celebrates '8 Years of One Direction' - See Their Tweets!

Can you believe it’s been eight years since the beginning of One Direction?!

Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Niall Horan all shared their sentiments on Twitter this week after the hashtag #8YearsOfOneDirection started trending.

“#8YearsOfOneDirection what an incredible 8 years it’s been with my brothers!” Liam wrote. “Thank you to all the fans that are still supporting and following our journeys. Love LP ❤.”

“#8YearsOfOneDirection Where has the time gone!? Thank you so much to every single person who’s ever supported us. Big love!” Louis shared, adding, “And remember if it’s by one direction and it’s a banger I probably wrote on it 😝 #8YearofOneDirection.”

See what Harry and Niall had to say below!

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Liam Payne Still Likes To Perform One Direction Song For Nostalgia

Liam Payne Still Likes To Perform One Direction Song For Nostalgia

Liam Payne is still working on his debut solo album, but admits he likes to take trips down memory lane.

The 24-year-old singer opened up about how he loves to still perform One Direction songs.

“I’ll never forget where I came from. That’s why I love singing the 1D songs when I’m out and about. It’s quite nostalgic for me,” he told People.

As for branching out on their own, Liam dished, “We did so much within the band that it’s so hard. How are you gonna top what we did? It’s amazing. So for me, this was like our chance at a bit of freedom.”

“I think you can see that in all the boys and the way that they now are expressing themselves, and they wouldn’t before,” he added. “This is the chance to do that. When I was finding my sound, I wanted to have more fun with it. I wanted to get collaborations. We’d never done that before. And it was really nice the way I was received within the industry of people wanting to work with me.”

“I’ve released so many different types of music,” Liam said about his debut album. “This album’s so important for me right now so I can find out which lane is most suited for me: the fine-tuning experiment of what you think of yourself, where you want to go and what other people think of you. As soon as you can find that median point between all three, you’re there — and this is like the last piece of the puzzle for me.”