Griffin Gluck Talks 'Why Him?' & Working With James Franco (Exclusive Photo Too!)

Griffin Gluck Talks 'Why Him?' & Working With James Franco (Exclusive Photo Too!)

Griffin Gluck is opening up about his latest role in the upcoming comedy Why Him?!

The 16-year-old actor, who you probably recognize from Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life and Red Band Society, stars in the film about an overprotective but loving dad (Bryan Cranston) who visits his daughter (Zoey Deutch) at Stanford with his family.

They meet his biggest nightmare: her well-meaning but socially awkward Silicon Valley billionaire boyfriend, Laird (James Franco).

Griffin stars as Scotty, Stephanie’s brother. We got an exclusive still from the movie for you to check out too!

“I was expecting to be more starstruck than I actually was,” Griffin told us about working with the cast. “I got super nervous going up to meet them but as soon as I introduced myself they were super nice and we all connected and became really comfortable with each other.”

Check out the rest of our interview below! Why Him? hits theaters on Christmas Day!

JJJ: Tell us about Scotty! Where does he fit into the family dynamic?

Griffin Gluck: Scotty is Stephanie’s little brother. I like to think of Scotty as the comic relief of the family, especially when he shouldn’t be. He is always doing something, whether it’s planning meetings for his dads company, or goofing off. He’s a really smart kid that just wants to impress people.

JJJ: What made you interested in this role in particular?

GG: Well, I got to work with some pretty incredible people, but this was kind of a dream role for me. From being able to play such a funny character to being able to do the things I got to do, how could I not have loved it?

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JJJ: What are Scotty’s first impressions of his sister’s boyfriend Laird?

GG: At first, Scotty is really confused on Lairds lifestyle and from what he hears from his dad, he thinks he’s pretty weird. Almost instantly though, Scotty sees a brother in Laird and just wants to live like him, kind of care free.

JJJ: What was the audition process like?

GG: It was a pretty standard audition process. I remember getting really excited about getting the callback, and practicing my lines over and over again but when I got in the room with John Hamburg (our director), he was such a laid back and just all around funny guy. He had me do some improv which I’ve never really done before, and we just had fun.

JJJ: Do you have a favorite moment from filming? Any fun stories you can share?

GG: I can’t say I have a favorite moment, seriously, I made hundreds of memories with everyone on set that I’ll never forget. But there was one scene where we were filming in a car and I don’t know how, but a phone call came through the car in the middle of our scene. Instead of just declining it like a normal person, Bryan picked up the phone and had a 10-minute conversation with a stranger.

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