Ansel Elgort Got Nostalgic When Talking About 'The Fault in Our Stars'

Ansel Elgort Got Nostalgic When Talking About 'The Fault in Our Stars'

The Fault in Our Stars was an amazing, amazing movie, and JJJ can hardly believe it’s been three years since the premiere of it.

Star Ansel Elgort got nostalgic about the movie on Twitter recently, and after asking fans for their fave moments in the flick, was definitely feeling all the feels (sorry, we had to).

Speaking with PopSugar later on, Ansel revisited the role and just how much playing Augustus Waters meant to him.

“That role was a great role for me at a young age,” Ansel shared. “I felt like that was my first opportunity to really be an actor, and like, take a movie on my shoulders.”

He continued, “But since then I’ve done a lot of things that I’ve felt like I’ve learned a lot from; I don’t think I could have gone straight from The Fault in Our Stars to this [Baby Driver].”

Ansel cited other films he had done since then, which is just about 10 movies in between.

TFIOS means a lot to me because it was that first movie that everyone saw,” Ansel adds. “I filmed that four years ago, so I don’t think of that still as like – ya know, filming was only like a month long. It’s funny that a movie that was only a month of my life had such a lasting effect.”

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