Kiernan Shipka Teases What's to Come in 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Season 4

Kiernan Shipka Teases What's to Come in 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Season 4

Kiernan Shipka is letting us know what we can expect in season four of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!

The actress and her co-stars spilled all in a new interview with ET. Here’s what they had to share:

(SPOILER ALERT: Do not continue reading if you haven’t finished season three of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!)

Kiernan on her initial reaction to the finale: “‘Double the work! Oh no!’ was how I initially reacted. I was immediately really excited to play two versions of Sabrina because I feel like she has a lot of varying traits and I’ve always sort of seen her as someone who is very dual. I think she’s always had a lot of duality. To be able to split the two characters was just really fun for me as an actor because I feel like both are quite different.”

Kiernan on Sabrina and Nick’s breakup: “The Nick and Sabrina breakup was devastating — absolutely a really, really tough thing to do.”
Gavin Leatherwood: “It was a good, like it hurt, but it was a good challenge.”
Kiernan: “But when we saw crew members sniffling, you just feel like you’ve done your job. It’s hard to see them separate, but I think it’s essential at that particular moment.”
Gavin Leatherwood: “If you love them, let them go.”

Tati Gabrielle on season four: “Things are going to step out of, as far as our characters are concerned, all of our comfort zones. We’ve studied magic for our entire lives… But what’s coming is something unlike any other and terrifies even the hardest of witches such as Prudence. The end may be coming.”

Chance Perdomo: “You can certainly expect the Eldritch terrors to come more into the fray and for us to be very unprepared and for the content and the intensity to go up and more so than previously and the intensity. Do you see my face here? This face is like, ‘How do I take something that’s so intense and so big and how do I express it?’ That is the feeling.”

Kiernan Shipka: “Oh my gosh, well, clearly Blackwood cut open that damn egg and the Eldritch terrors are running amok in Greendale and they’re more powerful than any character force, even combined.”

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