Jaden Hossler Gets Candid About Depression & Suicide Attempts

Jaden Hossler Gets Candid About Depression & Suicide Attempts

Jaden Hossler is opening up about his battles with depression.

In a recent interview, the 19-year-old singer and TikTok star recently shared about his experiences.

“This is one thing I try to preach to other people because I’ve learned it myself. Pain is a very important thing for people,” he told Forbes. “A lot of people try to run from it. I did for most of my life, but you can’t escape pain. What you can do is choose how you let it affect you. You can either let it destroy you or you can let it change you and help you become a better person.”

“To my experience there was a lot of hate in my heart growing up. I went through a lot of things that drove me to hate myself and everyone around me,” Jaden continued. “I didn’t have appreciation for human life or anything like that. And then my senior year a situation happened with a very close person in my life that drove me to the darkest depression I’ve ever had in my life.”

“I was really involved in school and in sports and my senior year I just dropped it all. I didn’t go to school for like four months. I didn’t even really leave my room. I lost like 20, 25 pounds, tried to commit suicide like twice. I really just didn’t have any grasp at life,” Jaden said. “But after that last attempt and it just didn’t work it really brought me out of this selfishness that I really just kind of surrounded myself with. Everything I was doing at that point was for myself and after that, one, I vowed to myself I would never lie. Before I lived off of lies and manipulation. I stopped lying, which people are scared about not lying because it could hurt you in the moment.”

“But I promise it’s so much better in the end if you’ll just be honest to yourself and other people. Then two, I just started loving people.”

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