Tyler Oakley Slams Influencers Who Keep Partying During Pandemic In New Video

Tyler Oakley Slams Influencers Who Keep Partying During Pandemic In New Video

Tyler Oakley is continuing to call out influencers who have been partying!

The 31-year-old YouTuber uploaded a brand new YouTube video where he went in on people like Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau, Thomas Petrou and more who say they have to just live their lives, they don’t care, or have to hang out with people to make content to continue making money.

“It’s been five months of the Coronavirus and we still have to have this conversation,” he starts out in his video. “I am tired, exhausted, frustrated and uninspired, and feeling stuck, and it just is like a culmination of a million things… And then I get on Instagram. I see people’s stories and it’s like they’re acting as if we live in a pandemic-less society. This is not like the places around the world that have gotten things under control and have no Coronavirus anymore.”

“Influencers going and having huge parties where they don’t seem to give a f–k and talking about they have to go on and live their lives, and they still have to go make money, so they can’t stop hanging out with people. It’s like, girl, what are you on about?” Tyler continues. “When I start seeing influencers using their platform to normalize the behavior of acting like there’s no pandemic, that is beyond the scope of YouTube drama. That is something that is impacting the entire world.”

“There’s one thing to go and do what you want and not social distance and mask, that’s already morally a little bit, like, what are you up to? But then, how dumb do you have to be to post it on your Instagram story and act like this is appropriate behavior? I have to f–king say something, and I feel like I’m screaming into the void right now ’cause it’s like nobody else is calling these idiots out for their bullsh-t,” he said.

Tyler also commended those people who are actually taking precautions, staying home and following protocols.

“Obviously, nobody is perfect. Nobody can handle this pandemic in a perfect way. Like we all have to figure out what is the best route for us and for the people around us, but we can all do our part to try our best to be responsible, to wear a mask, to socially distance, to limit our interaction with strangers,” he added.

“For the people that are watching that actually have been doing these things for the last five months, thank you,” Tyler said. “You’re probably losing your mind right now, because it’s so frustrating to log onto whatever platform and see people not giving a f–k.”

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