Noah Centineo Reveals All The Details Of Dislocating His Arm on 'Black Adam' Set

Noah Centineo Reveals All The Details Of Dislocating His Arm on 'Black Adam' Set

Noah Centineo told the craziest story about his injury from the set of Black Adam.

During his appearance on The Tonight Show, the 26-year-old actor opened up about the details of how he dislocated his arm twice while filming the upcoming movie.

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“Full in-garb right, everything’s covered, its 100 degrees outside its Atlanta, you know its humid,” Noah shared, setting the scene up. “The skin is totally covered which looks badass but [it’s not] when you’re doing wind sprints.”

He continued, “So we’re running, we did six takes and they’re like ‘shall we do one more?’ and I’m like ‘yeah, why not? I’m game’ you [only] get to do this so many times in your life. So I’m running and I go ‘this time let’s make it funny, let me try and make it funny’ so I’m running off the curb, there’s a parked car, I pretend to hit my knee on the parked car as I’m running and I spin around like ‘argh!’ like ‘that hurt’ and my arm goes up and then dislocates, like fully out-of-socket and I’m like ‘it’ll go back in, hold on, hold on.’ It did not go back in.”

“Now I’m like ‘hold on, stop stop stop.’ Keep in mind the suit is tight, it’s like a glove fit and they’re like ‘what’s wrong?’ and I’m like ‘my arms out of its socket’ so they go down and they’re trying to get it back in and it’s not going back in so they have to cut the suit open,” Noah went on. “They open it up, they take it down and I’m sitting there like ‘I can’t believe this it’s so funny.’”

He then explained that it took them “thirteen tries” with “a foot in my armpit and then a guy pushing from behind, it goes back in finally right and I’m like ‘WOO! YEAH!’ throw my arms in the air like ‘IT WENT BACK IN!’”

However, that wasn’t the end of it!

“When my arm goes in the air, it dislocates again. So they were like ‘let’s try it again’ and I was like ‘fire in the hole!’ and they got it on the third time and it went back in and that was that.”

Check out his full interview below!

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