Gabrielle Nevaeh Green Talks Loving Her Natural Hair, 'That Girl Lay Lay' & New Music (Exclusive Interview)

Gabrielle Nevaeh Green in That Girl Lay Lay

JJJ: What does this kind of event mean to you?
This kind of event means everything to me, because when I was younger, I really did not like my natural hair. It was something that made me stand out, in what I felt the wrong way, because it was just different and it didn’t look like everybody else’s. With this event, it’s showing young black girls and young girls of color that your natural hair is beautiful and that’s something that I really stand for.

JJJ: Do you have any advice for young black girls who may struggle with loving their hair?
I would say that your natural hair is what makes you special and sometimes people can’t take when someone else is so special. I would say the best advice I would give to you is to let your light shine, don’t dim it for anyone else, and you are beautiful just the way you are.

JJJ: What is your crazy craziest hair experience?
A good one or a bad one? (Both!) Oooh, let’s see. A crazy hair experience? I remember when I was younger, I used to straighten my hair a lot, and that caused a lot of heat damage so I lost a lot of hair. So that is kind of the craziest experience that I’ve had with my hair, is I had to regrow, basically the entire back of my hair, because of all of that heat damage.

A crazy good experience, I would say… I had to wear this wig once and I had to get my hair braided, and it took them three hours to braid all of my hair down as flat as possible for the wig. I mean, I’ve never got like gum stuck in my hair or anything.

JJJ: What was your favorite hair look that you’ve done?
I really love wearing it naturally, but I also love wearing it braided, because there’s so many different designs that you can do with braids. You can put color, you can put different embellishments. It’s really cool when I experiment with different hairstyles, but I would say my top two is wearing it down naturally and wearing it braided.

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