Who Does Devi End Up With, Ben or Paxton? 'Never Have I Ever' Series Finale Spoilers Revealed!

Jaren Lewison and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan in Never Have I Ever's final season

Devi and Ben are endgame!!!

In the finale episode, after going off to New York to start an internship, we get a surprise at Devi’s grandma’s wedding, where she’s sitting at the table with her friends, and Ben walks in.

They then profess that they like each other as more than just friends, and they ditch the wedding celebrations to go be with each other alone. Devi and Ben end up hopping on a scooter and going to his house, where they end up having sex again.

Since they’re both going off to college in the fall, they decide to try and make it work long distance, seeing as they actually won’t be THAT far from each other – he’ll be at Columbia in New York City, and she’ll be at Princeton in New Jersey. (That’s only a 2 hour, 50-mile commute via train!)

“The writers made the best decision, obviously,” Jaren told Variety. “I’m biased for sure. I’m always gonna be Team Ben, but obviously respect [to Maitreyi], she made a lot of great points and, hey, it’s a triangle and that’s why there’s different sides.”

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