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Cole & Dylan Sprouse Joke About 'Suite Life' Days

Cole & Dylan Sprouse Joke About 'Suite Life' Days

Cole and Dylan Sprouse are still laughing about their days on the Disney Channel.

The twins recently teased each other over The Suite Life of Zack & Cody via social media.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Cole Sprouse

It all started when Cole tweeted, “@dylansprouse were you Zack or Cody?” Cole tweeted at him.

“@colesprouse I don’t remember actually. I was too busy carrying the show on my back,” Dylan shot back.

See their funny exchange below!

Meanwhile, Cole is busy acting on his hit new show Riverdale, while Dylan runs a brewery in Brooklyn.

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Debby Ryan Thinks Suite Life's Cody & Bailey Are Still Together

Debby Ryan Thinks Suite Life's Cody & Bailey Are Still Together

We all wonder about where our fave characters will be in 10 years down the line — and Debby Ryan has put all the wonder behind us about the Suite Life on Deck cast.

In a cool Q&A session on Instagram Stories, the 23-year-old actress answered a fan’s question about what she thought happened to Zack, Cody, Bailey, London and Mr. Moseby.

“Zach [sic] probably started his own business, like Dylan [Sprouse]. He’s his own boss, in an obsecure field that he loves, and has a gf that makes him clean the apt,” she started.

Debby continued, “Cody and Bailey probably took a gap year to keep traveling and learn a thousand languages together, then he studied engineering and she studied agriculture and they found and harvest some resource on the moon. They have an impressive pinball machine collection and a personal rocketship.”

“London’s married a prince or duke, and has a flamboyant and expensive shoe line that only she buys.”

“Moseby’s managing a ballet company, where there is NO purouetting in the lobby. He and Tutweiler bicker just enough to stay happily married.”

Check out more of Debby‘s Q&A session below!

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Photos of 'The Suite Life On Deck'

Debby Ryan: Cody & Bailey Will Last 100 Years

Debby Ryan: Cody & Bailey Will Last 100 Years

Cody and Bailey are going to make it! That’s what Debby Ryan told us and we believe her 100%.

Check out the rest of JJJ‘s Q&A with the 17-year-old star about the finale episode:

JJJ: What were the most memorable scenes in the episode for you?
Debby Ryan: Probably the goodbye scene. It was not easy when people started hugging goodbye. First of all, we came onto set after filming Bailey and London’s scene, and walked in, and Bailey’s cabin is gone. It’s gone, and in its place is just cement because it’s a soundstage. We did a goodbye scene that was really sweet in a lot of ways, but also really dramatic in a lot of ways. That scene was really hard for all of us. There were very few people who weren’t emotionally touched. We had to actually stop filming once or twice to really take a moment in the middle of the scene, and all of us had to take a breath, dry our tears, and carry on.

JJJ: We know from the previews that Bailey and Cody have both applied to Yale. What do you think their chances are that they’ll attend the same college and do you think they’ll last?
DR: I think no matter what, Bailey and Cody will last. I think that they love each other so much, and they built a foundation on things that they’ve overcome. I think that they’re going to last for 100 years, or until they are both gone, they will still be each other’s true loves.

That’s something that I think fans will know too. But college-wise, if both apply to Yale, but only one of them gets in, I guess we’ll have to see what they’re doing with their lives and if they can make things work. Stayed tuned for that.

JJJ: Who do you think cried the most after the last episode?
DR: Brenda, she’s a crier.

JJJ: Did you take anything from the set?
DR: I did! I kept really memorable outfits from Bailey’s moments. I actually have the outfit when Bailey snuck on the boat as a guy, I have her bridesmaid dress from Maddy’s wedding to the random little prince, and some everyday outfits as well.

“Graduation on Deck” premieres TOMORROW, Friday, May 6 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel. Remember the tissues and lots of ice cream! More Here! »

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Debby Ryan: Graduating 'On Deck' is Not Easy

Debby Ryan: Graduating 'On Deck' is Not Easy

There are only TWO DAYS left until Graduation on Deck — everyone have their tissues? Good. had a chance to chat with star Debby Ryan about the final episode and what it really meant to her. Check out what the 17-year-old actress had to share with us:

JJJ: What will you miss most about the show?
Debby Ryan: The cast and crew. We really had such a great family there on the show, so I’m definitely going to miss them. But fortunately I may be seeing some of the crew on “Jessie,” which is great.

JJJ: You actually experienced prom and you graduated on the set. Was there any event that you would’ve liked to have seen happen on the show that didn’t?
DR: We had the beauty pageant, which was a little bit like a talent show, and a couple of really dramatic moments happened there so I felt like we hit a lot of the milestones. Seeing Bailey’s home and everything, I don’t think that there is anything I would change about the stories the writers gave us. We have a really great team, and they were always listening to what we really wanted. That went really well.

JJJ: How hard did you take the graduation?
DR: The graduation was not easy. It was really dramatic for everyone and there were tons of people who thought they wouldn’t cry, but then they did. And there were tons of people who thought they were going to be a mess that week who didn’t say a word because they were so dramatic about the whole thing. It was hard, but I feel like what was so cool about it was we were also talking about what we were doing.

We were sitting behind the scenes in the hair and makeup room saying, “I have this movie on the road, I have a new show on Disney Channel, I’m writing and producing this, I’m going to NYU” or whatever it is. So we’re celebrating each other’s next steps before they even happen as well as reminiscing on how much we’ve grown with each other.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of our Q&A with Debby! More Here! »

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The Suite Life Graduation On Deck -- FIRST PICS!

The Suite Life Graduation On Deck -- FIRST PICS!

JJJ is so NOT ready for this!

Dylan Sprouse, Matthew Timmons, Debby Ryan and Cole Sprouse throw their hats up in the air in this brand-new still from The Suite Life on Deck.

In the series finale “Graduation on Deck,” When Mr. Tipton sells the ship, Zack (Dylan), Cody (Cole), London (Brenda Song) and Bailey (Ryan) find themselves embarking on separate journeys after graduation.

Maya (Zoey Deutch) accepts a Peace Corps assignment in Africa and breaks up with Zack, while Cody and Bailey are anxious about their relationship surviving through college.

As they explore plans for the next chapter in their lives, relationships are tested but they realize distance cannot overcome the strong bond formed between them.

“Graduation on Deck” premieres NEXT FRIDAY, May 6 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel. 20+ pics inside…

Graduation on Deck clip: “The Letter From Yale”

More Here! »

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Brenda Song: The Suite Life Movie Premieres TONIGHT!

Brenda Song: The Suite Life Movie Premieres TONIGHT!

Brenda Song looks out on the docks with Phill Lewis in this new still from The Suite Life Movie, which premieres TONIGHT!

The 22-year-old actress chatted with JJJ about the movie, shooting in Vancouver, and missing Ashley Tisdale. Check it:

On finally getting a DCOM: “I’m so excited. There’s always been talk but you never really know. We’re so fortunate to even get to go on this adventure especially that we’ve known each other for so long.”

On the challenges London faces: “What challenges doesn’t London face? (laughs) But really in this movie, you really get to see that London and Bailey, they’re not only roommates, but they are friends.”

On shooting in Vancouver: “I love Vancouver. The last time I was there to shoot anything was when I was 12 with The Ultimate Christmas Present. It’s just so beautiful there, such a beautiful city. My mom and I walked around, went to parks, the twins would take me to antique shops and it was so much fun.”

On watching the twins grow up: “It’s amazing. Not just them, but Phill Lewis too. A couple weeks ago, I just found out about what he did before The Suite Life ever happened. It was so cool to see everything. But with Dylan and Cole, they’re not just my little brothers, but they’re my friends. It’s nice to just go and get coffee with them and listen to what Dylan’s working on with his art and about their cars. It’s great to just watch them grow up and to see who they are becoming. I’m so proud of them, they’re little men.”

On missing Ashley Tisdale: “You know, I never did get a chance to see her in Vancouver! The twins did and I was so mad. I wanted to see her. But I had The Social Network premieres and then I went back to Los Angeles. But between her cheer practices and Hellcats and us doing the movie, we didn’t even have the time. But it’s okay, we live near each other, so it’s okay.”

The Suite Life Movie premieres TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel. 20+ pics inside…

The Suite Life Movie: Clip #5

More Here! »

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Matthew Timmons is a 'Friends' Freak!

Matthew Timmons is a 'Friends' Freak!

Matthew Timmons goes crab crazy in this still from The Suite Life Movie, premiering FRIDAY on Disney Channel.

We caught up with Matthew, 18, in Vancouver to chat about the movie, twins and what’s happening with Woody. Check it:

On where and what Woody is doing: “The funny thing about Woody is that, in the movie and the series, he just bounces around. He’s Zack’s best friend but yet he’s friends with everyone and in the movie, he’s kind of doing the same thing. He bounces from friend to friend. In the movie, though, Woody starts off with Zack. Cody has given this letter to Zack to give to Bailey and we’re trying to ‘lose’ the letter. Then later on, Woody is with Bailey and trying to be her friend and comfort her.”

On the series finally getting a movie: “I thought it was great. Finally. Even back when they were ending Zack and Cody and doing a spinoff [with On Deck], I was thinking ‘Why take down a great show so soon?’ I was so excited about the movie. It was definitely time. The fans have been asking about it for the longest time. They [the twins and Brenda] have been doing this for six years and it’s such an established show that we’ve definitely been waiting for it.”

On if Woody would be a good match for Bailey or London: “(laughs) I love this question. You know, Cody and Bailey just work so well together that Woody and Bailey…it’s like Ross and Rachel on Friends. You can’t really imagine those two without each other. And London…she’s just in lala land. I don’t think London even remembers Woody’s name half the time (laughs). I love Brenda, she’s so good at being London and just a great actress all around. But it’s kind of funny, on the series in some episodes you’ll see Woody actually get the girl. But after that episode they never re-appear. Woody’s a player.”

On comparing Suite Life to his obsession, Friends: “I love that show. I can tell you what’s going to happen next, the lines…everything. But I was watching it the other night with Debby back at the hotel and I kept really comparing it to our show. The friendships, the whole show is based upon the closeness of six friends and it’s actually how ours is. You see Cody and Bailey, and Zack and Woody and then there’s London and Moseby (a father figure to her). You actually see why it’s been on the air for six years.”

The Suite Life Movie premieres TOMORROW @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

The Suite Life Movie: Clip #4