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'Allegiant' Author Veronica Roth Writes New Four Epilogue!

'Allegiant' Author Veronica Roth Writes New Four Epilogue!

Veronica Roth just made our dreams come true — with a brand new Allegiant epilogue!

If you’re up to date, you know that Veronica has a new book coming out called “Carve The Mark” and if you pre-order, you’ll get the epilogue titled “We Can Be Mended”.

The epilogue will pick up five years after Allegiant wraps.

“I’ve always said that the Divergent series felt complete to me, but a little while ago I realized there was still some of the story that I had left untold,” Veronica shared. “So I wrote something just for myself about what Tobias had been up to.”

Watch the book trailer for “Carve The Mark” below!

CARVE THE MARK by Veronica Roth | Official Book Trailer

Social Starlet Eva Gutowski Announces Book, Kicks Off Vlogmas 2016!

Social Starlet Eva Gutowski Announces Book, Kicks Off Vlogmas 2016!

It’s been a huge week for Eva Gutowski!

The social star was trending on Twitter, crashed a website and uploaded a brand new video! ALL IN ONE WEEK!

Eva made the big announcement that she had written a brand new book – “My Life As Eva: The Struggle Is Real” — and it will be out in February!

The book is said to “chronicle funny moments in Gutowski’s life, including living on a diet of ramen noodles (and the occasional lucky maple poptart), and getting dumped not one — not two, but three times in high school”

Just after her announcement on social media, Eva‘s fans flocked to the site and CRASHED IT! Good thing it’s back up and you can still pre-order the book now.

Be sure to watch Eva’s first Vlogmas 2016 vid below, too!


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Jennifer Lawrence's New Movie 'Passengers' Is Giving Us Major 'Across The Universe' Vibes!

Jennifer Lawrence's New Movie 'Passengers' Is Giving Us Major 'Across The Universe' Vibes!

If you’re like us, then you can absolutely not wait until Jennifer Lawrence‘s new movie comes out!

Passengers, which also stars Chris Pratt, will hit theaters on Wednesday, December 21st and has just about the coolest plot line.

In the flick, two passengers, sleeping in suspended animation, are awakened 90 years too early when their ship malfunctions…and by watching the trailers, JJJ couldn’t help but get “Across The Universe” vibes.

You know, the same books that the JJJ Book Club recommended to read back in 2012 and 2013!

Want to see all the similiarities between the two? Click inside right now!More Here »

Social Media Star Hayes Grier Reads FanFiction About Himself! (JJJ Interview)

Social Media Star Hayes Grier Reads FanFiction About Himself! (JJJ Interview)

Hayes Grier is dishing the deets on his new book!

The 16-year-old social media star recently released Hollywood Days with Hayes, which is a novel about a character named Hayes who meets Violet Reeves, “an aspiring writer, who has also been given her first big break…if she aces her new job as Hayes’s assistant on the film.”

We caught up with Hayes about the process of writing, in addition to his role in Hulu’s Freakish and his own Verizon Go90 series titled Top Grier! Check it:

JJJ: What inspired you to write this book?

Hayes: I’ve always hated reading books, so writing a book that was cool for me and others my age to read was always an idea of mine. I remember reading books I didn’t like in school, so I wanted to create something that my fans and I could both enjoy.

JJJ: This isn’t like other typical celebrity books – it’s actually a novel. What made you decide to go that route versus a biography route?

Hayes: I’m young, I want to have some more years under my belt before I get into my biography. I have some dope experiences to live through before I write that book.

JJJ: Where did the idea come from?

Hayes: I wanted to give the fans an idea of what my daily life was like. The book goes along with the episodes iPhone app and I thought that was a really cool way to tell a story and get the fans to interact.

JJJ: Have you ever read any fanfiction that features you?

Hayes: Of course. Some of it’s really awesome. I love to check out anything my fans create.

Click inside to read the rest of our interview with Hayes Grier…More Here »

hayes grier hollywood days book interview 01

'Pretty Little Liars' Author Sara Shepard Promises Three New Books About Alison!

'Pretty Little Liars' Author Sara Shepard Promises Three New Books About Alison!

The Pretty Little Liars TV show may be coming to an end, but here’s some exciting news for fans!

Author of the novels, Sara Shepard, has announced that she will be writing three additional stories after the Freeform series comes to an end!

They will all be released as e-books, focusing on Alison and “the real story of her descent into madness.”

In case you didn’t know, her character was a lot different in the books than in the show.

“We all know Real Ali as the diabolical maniac who systematically murdered her twin sister, Ian Thomas, and everyone else who got in her way—including attempts Emily, Spencer, Hanna, and Aria,” Sara wrote. “But what if there’s more to her than that? What if Ali’s quest for revenge against the girls wasn’t born the day Courtney switched with her but later? And what if she felt a secret, forbidden love for one of them, a love that chose her to make impulsive decisions—and foolish mistakes?”

Read Sara‘s complete announcement below!

TELL JJJ: Do you plan on reading these new PLL e-books?!

Gymnast Laurie Hernandez Has Even More In Common With Simone Biles & Nastia Liukin Now

Gymnast Laurie Hernandez Has Even More In Common With Simone Biles & Nastia Liukin Now

Laurie Hernandez is joining Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas in becoming an author!

After winning and slaying the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics with the Final Five, Laurie is set to release her new inspirational book called “I Got This: To Gold And Beyond”.

“I am excited to write my first book and to share my journey,” she shared in a statement. “My hope is to inspire others with my story and encourage everyone to create goals for themselves and pursue their dreams.”

The upcoming book is complete with never-before-seen photos, and chronicles Laurie’s dream of becoming an Olympian and her road to winning gold.

On top of Gabby and Simone, 2008 Beijing Olympians Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson have also written inspirational books.

JJJ proudly admits that we have all these books and they’re awesome!

“I Got This: To Gold And Beyond” is out in January 2017.

Win Sara Shepard's Brand New Book 'The Amateurs' From JJJ!

Win Sara Shepard's Brand New Book 'The Amateurs' From JJJ!

With Pretty Little Liars ending on screen, we’re kind of ready for author Sara Shepard‘s new book series, “The Amateurs” — and it’s here!

The new series centers on Seneca Frazier, a true crime enthusiast. The moment she sees the post on the Case Not Closed website about Helena Kelly, she’s hooked. Helena’s high-profile disappearance five years earlier is the one that originally got Seneca addicted to true crime. So when Maddy Wright, her best friend from the CNC site, invites Seneca to spend spring break in Connecticut looking into the cold case, she immediately packs her bag. But the moment she steps off the train in trendy, glamorous Dexby, things begin to go wrong.

Soon, Seneca and her new friends start unravel dark secrets and shocking betrayals about the people closest to them, they seem to be on the murderer’s trail at last. But somewhere nearby the killer is watching…ready to do whatever it takes to make sure the truth stays buried.

JJJ got our hands on a cool prize pack for the new book, that comes with a copy, plus RayBan sunglasses (nice!), earbuds, and touchscreen tech gloves.

Check out how to enter below and peep the book trailer now!

The Amateurs | A New Book Series by PLL Author, Sara Shepard

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Sierra Furtado Celebrates Her Debut Novel's Release

Sierra Furtado Celebrates Her Debut Novel's Release

Who just got their copy of Sierra Furtado‘s new book, “Life Uploaded”?!

The social star’s new novel just hit bookshelves and she’s headed out on a book tour starting TOMORROW!

She’ll be in Seattle; then head to Petaluma, Calif. on 10/21, Los Angeles on 10/22, Boston on 10/24, Doylestown, Penn. on 10/25, Ridgewood, NJ on 10/26, Downers Grove, Ill. on 10/27, and Beverly Hills, Mich. on 10/28.

Sierra‘s book centers on Harper Ambrose, who just wants to be recognized: for her zany sense of humor, her on-fleek fashion sense, and her love of all things makeup, flirty, and fun. After an awkward childhood where she fell out with her BFF Gwen and thought she’d never find her one true love, at last Harper feels as though she’s finally discovered her voice in a space she never expected: on YouTube, making videos about her day-to-day life and broadcasting them to the masses.

Now an insanely popular vlogger with millions of followers, Harper balances the stresses of everyday high school life—SAT prep, boring teachers, and the mean girl clique staring her down in the hallway—with the glam, fast-paced world of online celebrity.

But when one hater on Twitter starts targeting Harper in 140 characters or less, and a young British actor who’s captured Harper’s heart might not be everything he seems, Harper feels like her pitch-perfect life is suddenly going to pieces around her.

Who better to help her pick them up and find herself again than her best friend Ellie and a certain tall, dark, and handsome someone she might not have realized was waiting in the wings for her all along?

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