Isaak Presley Dishes On Clubhouse For The Boys

Isaak Presley Dishes On Clubhouse For The Boys

Isaak Presley is opening up about his new TikTok house, Clubhouse FTB (For The Boys)!

If you didn’t know, the 18-year-old and some of his Clubhouse Beverly Hills guys branched out to form their own house.

The guys that join Isaak include Sebastian Topete, Christopher Romero and Chase Keith in the boys extension of the Clubhouse name.

“Our goal is not to be dramatic and be problematic and get into all these issues,” Isaak told Insider. “Our goal is to have fun, be entertaining, have something there for everyone to love. But at the end of the day, keep our noses clean and our shoulders upright.”

“Every single girl in the house has now become like a sister to me especially, and to all the other boys,” he continued. “But I think we all just realized that the dynamic of the boys, you know, there might be something there.”

Isaak also talked about how they want to keep the house diverse to set an example of kids, and let them know they can do anything.

Seb and Chris and I are all Hispanic or Latino or Spanish,” Isaak said. “We’re all kind of from different areas, but, you know, us Latinos stay together.”

“I don’t feel like kids should ever feel like unless they’re a certain race or ethnicity or age or look, that they can’t be famous,” he added. “Because growing up acting, I’ve seen everything. I’ve seen from tall to small to every ethnicity to every age to every type of gender and sexuality. With acting, it doesn’t matter. It’s talent.”

“I think if more kids see kids who look like them doing things that they want to do, it’ll inspire a new generation,” Isaak said.

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