New 'Monster High' Animated Series Cast Revealed - Meet the Stars Here!

New 'Monster High' Animated Series Cast Revealed - Meet the Stars Here!

There’s a new Monster High series coming out and the voice cast has just been unveiled!

Nickelodeon and Mattel announced the cast members on Wednesday (July 13), revealing who will be voicing the fashionable monsters in the upcoming animated seris.

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The series follows the teenage children of famous monsters including Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, Frankie Stein, and Deuce Gorgon as they discover who they are, embrace their differences, and learn to be fierce and fearless at the one place they all belong: Monster High.

Monster High will kick off with 26 episodes, debuting this fall on Nickelodeon.

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Gabrielle Nevaeh Green stars in Monster High

Gabrielle Nevaeh Green as Clawdeen Wolf

Half-human and half-werewolf, Clawdeen is thrilled to join Monster High, despite the challenge of being a half-monster in a school of full-monster students.

Courtney Lin stars in Monster High

Courtney Lin as Draculaura

The daughter of Dracula, vampire Draculaura seems like the perfect dictionary definition of a monster. But she hides a deep desire to become a witch, which is strictly forbidden in the monster world.

Iris Menas stars in Monster High

Iris Menas as Frankie Stein

Brought to life just 15 days ago by their scientist parents, Frankie is figuring out who they are and who they want to be.

Tony Revolori stars in Monster High

Tony Revolori as Deuce Gorgon

The son of Medusa and Lyra, Deuce is often influenced by the snakes that live on his head and get him into trouble.

Kausar Mohammed stars in Monster High

Kausar Mohammed as Cleo De Nile

Cleo is a mummy monster who knows she is destined for greatness–if only everyone else would just admit it and get out of her way.

Valeria Rodriguez stars in Monster High

Valeria Rodriguez as Lagonna Blue

Having grown up in an ancient underwater Mayan Castillo with her ocean nymph mother and sea monster father, sweet yet ferocious Lagoona doesn’t know much about life on land.

Alexa Kahn stars in Monster High

Alexa Kahn as Toralei Stripe

Hailing from an elite monster family, Toralei is a werecat and the “bad girl” at Monster High. Old fashioned and brave, Toralei is committed to her cause of preserving monster society.

Alexander Polinsky stars in Monster High

Alexander Polinsky as Heath Burns

Temperamental and passionate as the son of Hades would be, Heath is quite literally a hot head who can get worked up over anything and is prone to fiery outbursts.

Debra Wilson stars in Monster High

Debra Wilson as Headmistress Bloodgood

The headless overseer of the school, Headmistress Bloodgood has a proclivity for wandering around at night to keep an eye on the students.

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