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Nathan Kress Reveals Who He Thinks Freddie Should've Ended Up With on 'iCarly'

Nathan Kress Reveals Who He Thinks Freddie Should've Ended Up With on 'iCarly'

Nathan Kress has been at the center of “The Great iCarly Debate” for close to 10 years — and it doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

That can be a blessing and a curse all at the same time, so Nathan opened up to Seventeen.com about who he really feels that Freddie should’ve ended up with — NO ONE!

“I get that there’s merit to both sides, but if this was actual real life and not a sitcom, I really don’t think that Freddie should end up with either one of those girls,” Nathan shared.

He adds, “There’s a lot of reasons why neither relationship actually makes sense. Just knowing what I know about real-life relationships and what’s important, I don’t really see many of those things in either one of those relationships.”

Nathan even has a solution to get Freddie out of the triangle once and for all: “If Nathan and Freddie sat down and had lunch, and he was talking to me about these girls that he just couldn’t decide between and there were so many great things about both of them, knowing what I know, I would probably recommend he move to another country that’s not Italy.”

“Just start over and find a girl that is actually into him without having to push himself in front of a taco truck, and also one that does not constantly verbally and physically abuse him.”

TELL JJJ: Who do you think Freddie should be with – Sam or Carly?

Did You Catch All The 'iCarly' Easter Eggs in Nathan Kress' 'Game Shakers' Episode?

Did You Catch All The 'iCarly' Easter Eggs in Nathan Kress' 'Game Shakers' Episode?

Nathan Kress just guest starred on an episode of Game Shakers and paid tribute to his show iCarly in some fun ways!

In the episode, the Game Shakers crew set out to discover if Freddie really loved Carly or Sam by tracking down Nathan.

Obviously, the cast had to nosh on some of iCarly‘s spaghetti tacos, which Carly’s brother Spencer created on the show.

Some very observant fans also eyed that Nathan‘s hotel room number was 8-D, which was also Freddie’s apartment number on iCarly.

The Game Shakers ep also featured dachshunds artwork in Nathan‘s room, which was prevalent in lots of iCarly episodes. They even mentioned iCarly‘s resident hot senior, Gary Wolf!

Who knew all those little nods to the iconic series were hidden in Game Shakers!?

DID YOU WATCH Nathan‘s Game Shakers episode?

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Celebs & Fans Celebrate 10 Years of 'iCarly' With All the Best GIFs

Celebs & Fans Celebrate 10 Years of 'iCarly' With All the Best GIFs

We still can’t get over the fact that it’s been 10 whole years since iCarly premiered on Nickelodeon!

Nathan Kress, who starred on the show from its first episode in 2007 to the season finale in 2012, took to Twitter on Friday (September 8) to thank fans for the amazing experience.

“10 years ago today, everything changed,” he wrote. “I will forever be grateful for the cast, crew, and fans that made the iCarly saga so incredible.”

“Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart for letting us into your homes & lives for the past decade,” he added. “It’s been a truly unforgettable honor.” (ICYMI, see what he recently had to say about a possible reunion episode!)

Other celebs who gave a shout-out to iCarly include series creator Dan Schneider, Cree Cicchino (who starred in special Game Shakers that paid homage to iCarly this weekend), and Henry Danger‘s Jace Norman.

Fans have been celebrating the anniversary with all the best GIFs as well.

Ready to get nostalgic for spaghetti tacos, that One Direction episode, and feeling so wonderful? Get reading!

Click inside to read the rest of the tweets… More Here! »

Nathan Kress Talks About A Possible 'iCarly' Reunion One Day

Nathan Kress Talks About A Possible 'iCarly' Reunion One Day

Can you believe that it’s been 10 years since iCarly premiered on Nickelodeon?!

Nathan Kress spoke with Seventeen about the show’s legacy and if a reunion would be on its way soon.

“It’s weird, I was thinking about it this morning, what it would be like for us to do a reunion episode? Because honestly, as tempting as it is to get the band back together and do all that stuff, I think all of us would probably be just a little bit worried that the expectation would be so impossibly high that we would never be able to satisfy everyone.”

Nathan adds, “It wouldn’t just be bringing iCarly together – it would be bringing iCarly together to make an episode better and funnier than any iCarly episode that was ever made.”

Talk about pressure!

But, Nathan says never say never, because it could actually happen one day.

“It would really come down to an outrageously good script,” Nathan shared. “And not only one that I thought was really good, but one that every single person in the cast could get behind.”

“If there was such a script, then it certainly wouldn’t come down to whether or not I had any desire to do it because the thought of getting everyone back together again would be awesome. I would love it.”

Nathan Kress Celebrates 'iCarly's 10 Year Anniversary on 'Game Shakers'

Nathan Kress Celebrates 'iCarly's 10 Year Anniversary on 'Game Shakers'


Well, kind of — Nathan Kress will be on a special episode of Game Shakers next week on Nickelodeon.

Guest starring as himself, Nathan will be paying homage to iCarly‘s 10th Anniversary.

In “Game Shippers,” the Game Shakers gang sets out on a mission to track down Nathan after watching an iCarly marathon, in an attempt to answer the decade-long, iCarly love triangle question — who did Freddie really love, Carly or Sam?

The sneak peek below of the episode will give you so much life!

Leading up to the episode, TeenNick will air an iCarly marathon starting on Monday, September 4, through Saturday, September 9th. iCarly first premiered on Sept. 8, 2007.

Nathan‘s episode of Game Shakers airs Saturday, September 9th @ 8PM ET/PT.

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iCarly's Nathan Kress Signs an Autograph for a Fan Five Years After She Wrote Him

iCarly's Nathan Kress Signs an Autograph for a Fan Five Years After She Wrote Him

iCarly was an iconic show, and actor Nathan Kress (who played Freddie) no doubt received mountains of fan mail.

Now, the show has been over for five years and Nathan has been starring in new projects ever since, most recently Breaking Brooklyn. iCarly, for better or for worse (definitely for worse) is behind us.

Except Nathan recently sent one iCarly fan, Tay, a handwritten message in response to her ask… only five years late!

“Hey Tay,” he wrote, “I am SO sorry that this took so long. I just found it after all this time! Hopefully it still finds its way to you! Nate.” He also signed a dated picture of himself rather than a new one, which makes it all the better.

Tay immediately tweeted out the note, ecstatic about the autograph — even if she is now a senior in high school.

“This makes me so happy, I can’t believe it made it!!!!” Nathan responded to the tweet, “Sorry again for the ridiculous delay.”

*melts into a puddle of nostalgia*

Read the fan mail and the entire Twitter exchange inside. More Here! »

Remember When One Direction Appeared on 'iCarly'? - Watch It Now!

Remember When One Direction Appeared on 'iCarly'? - Watch It Now!

We’re taking you back to 2012 with this epic throwback of One Direction on Nickelodeon’s iCarly!

The guys – Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik (yes, before he left) – looked so young in the episode.

In case you don’t remember, Harry got sick when he accidentally drank from Carly’s (Miranda Cosgrove) water bottle.

The group performed their first hit single “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Executive producer Dan Schneider uploaded the video to YouTube.

Watch 1D‘s 2012 appearance on iCarly below!

One Direction on iCarly

More Here! »

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one direction icarly pics 02
one direction icarly pics 03
one direction icarly pics 04
one direction icarly pics 05

iCarly's Sam & Freddie Reunite For Short Film!

iCarly's Sam & Freddie Reunite For Short Film!

iCarly fans, this is seemingly for you!

Jennette McCurdy has teamed up with her old pal Nathan Kress for a horror comedy short film she wrote and directed with Colton Tran titled 8 Bodies.

Jennette and Nathan star alongside Matt Shively and Harvey Guillen.

Here’s the synopsis: When young newlyweds Sam (Shively) and TJ (McCurdy) embark on their honeymoon and accidentally hit a man walking on the side of the road, what was meant to be a peaceful national park tour turns into a series of unfortunate events and coverups that force the couple to decide what is most important to them: humanity or their honeymoon.

8 Bodies is free to watch today, Valentine’s Day, and is available for purchase afterward!

“8 Bodies” Trailer
8 bodies jennette poster 01
8 bodies jennette poster 02
8 bodies jennette poster 03