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Yara Shahidi & Her Mom Share Their Outlook On Life!

Yara Shahidi & Her Mom Share Their Outlook On Life!

Yara Shahidi is all smiles next to her mom Keri in a photo from Allure‘s Good Issue, available now!

The mother-daughter opened up about their outlook on life, being together on set and making each other proud. Check it:

Yara on having her mom on set: “I’ve had the good fortune of having you by my side for everything. Others don’t have a parent on set with them. I remember starting Black-ish and having high-def makeup on all day, a strip of eyelashes. There’s a weird correlation that happens between being ‘ready’ and being doused in makeup. We’ve had conversations about separating the two.”

Keri on what makes her proud of Yara: “[I’m happiest] that she’s the most compassionate human being I know. She has a sense that her voice matters all the time, in every situation.”

Yara on their outlook on life: “We say yes more than anything.”

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Zoey & Madelyn Deutch Spill On Working With Family

Zoey & Madelyn Deutch Spill On Working With Family

Zoey Deutch hit the beach with mom Lea Thompson and sister Madelyn for a family photoshoot for Allure‘s Good Issue, available now!

The trio opened up about their new film and working together. Check it:

Madelyn on their new film The Year of Spectacular Men: “We devised it as a way to give ourselves jobs that we knew nobody was going to.”

Zoey on working with her mom: “It’s been great to look at you like a coworker and a human. There’s all this pressure on mothers to have all the answers, but I respect you enough to know that you won’t be right all the time.”

Lea on how she raised Zoey and Madelyn: “I grew up super poor in Minnesota and raised them completely differently. I learned you don’t tell kids that they’re talented and smart. You tell them that they have the things they have because of hard work. They were so understanding that I had to work.”

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Kylie Jenner Gives Her Take on the 'Kardashian Curse'

Kylie Jenner Gives Her Take on the 'Kardashian Curse'

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are on their first ever magazine cover together – GQ‘s August 2018 issue!

The couple gave a joint interview and chatted about their relationship. Here’s what they shared…

Kylie, on leaving for tour with Travis after their second date: “Coachella was one of the stops on his tour. So he said, ‘I’m going back on tour—what do we want to do about this? Because we obviously liked each other. And I was like, ‘I guess I’m coming with you. I just jumped on the bus. And then we rode off into the sunset. I did the whole tour with him.”

Kylie, on the “Kardashian Curse” (whether she and her sisters destroy the men in their lives): “They come and can’t handle it.I know these stories aren’t going to matter, so don’t even let them affect you, you know?…It’s not just men—it’s friends, it’s people who come and just don’t know how to handle it. It’s the negative. There’s a lot of people who love us, but there’s also a huge handful of people who don’t like us.”

Kylie, on keeping their relationship private: “I know he doesn’t like the attention. That’s why we keep our relationship super private, or like, if he has events or something, I won’t come. Because I want him to do his thing…I just flew to Houston to see him for a few hours. Cause we were fighting, and I was like, I just need to go,” she explains. “I didn’t tell anyone where or why…I was like, ‘I just need to go and fix this and go back.’”

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Niki DeMartino, Ryan McCartan & Alex Lange Fight For The Center Cover on 'Gio Journal'

Niki DeMartino, Ryan McCartan & Alex Lange Fight For The Center Cover on 'Gio Journal'

Niki DeMartino and Ryan McCartan are just two of the digital stars taking part in #VanityIsNotFair.

The sketch, with Gio Journal‘s The Social Networth feature and The Outliers podcast, focuses on nine of social media’s most influential influencers get into a heated altercation over who would get the center spot on a cover story.

In the feature, Niki, Ryan, Alex Lange, Rachel Levin, Andrea Espada, Kellie Sweet, Maria Laura Quintero, Austin and Aaron Rhodes all opened up about how they are using their influence for the greater goods.

“There’s no secret to it. Work harder than the competition, reap the benefits of your labor,” Ryan shared about the secret to success in the digital era.

Niki adds, “Be relentless, persistent and driven. Let failure ignite a light, not discourage. Always follow that inner spark.”

Alex, also chatted about the thrill of giving back in the feature.

“I work closely with a childhood cancer foundation called Alex’s Lemonade [Stand Foundation], and nothing makes me happier than being part of that. Something bigger than myself,” he says.

“I think that I’d like to be remembered as someone who used what they had to make the world a better place for others, whatever that might look like.”

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'The Bold Type' Actresses Star in Seventeen's Fabulous New Feature!

'The Bold Type' Actresses Star in Seventeen's Fabulous New Feature!

How amazing do Aisha Dee, Katie Stevens, and Meghann Fahy look in this new feature for Seventeen magazine’s August/September issue, on newsstands tomorrow!

The stars of Freeform‘s The Bold Type sat down for a chat with the mag. Here’s what they shared…

Katie, on how she relates to her character, Jane: “Jane dreams big and always asks for what she wants. I like to think I’m that way as well.”

Aisha, on the most important aspect of friendship: “Honesty and a sense of humor. I can always trust my people to laugh and call me on my you know what!”

Meghann, on her character, Sutton: “She’s a people pleaser. But ultimately she’s loyal and loving.”

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