'Arrowverse' Co-Creator Feels He 'Wasted My Time' On Universe & Is Disappointed with No Call from New DC CEOs

'Arrowverse' Co-Creator Feels He 'Wasted My Time' On Universe & Is Disappointed with No Call from New DC CEOs

Marc Guggenheim is speaking out about feeling let down by the new CEOs of DC Studios, James Gunn and Peter Safran.

The writer co-created Arrow and DC Legends of Tomorrow, and was a huge mastermind behind the mega event, Crisis on Infinite Earths.

In a recent newsletter, the creator expressed his disappointment about not being contacted or recognized for his work in constructing the overall Arrowverse, and feels like his time on the shows were eventually just a waste of time.

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Marc notes that he felt gutted his work wasn’t recognized in creating the upcoming new DC Universe, though he definitely felt grateful for the fan response.

“I’ll be honest: I would have like to have gotten at least a meeting,” he wrote, after noting he wasn’t surprised that he wasn’t asked to be a part of the writers room to chart the new DCU.

“Not a job, mind you. A meeting. A conversation. A small recognition of what I’d tried to contribute to the grand tapestry that is the DC Universe. I’d only spent nine years toiling in that vineyard, after all,” Marc continued.

“And then there was some other stuff which basically boiled down to me lamenting that although working for DC had been creatively fulfilling, it involved a lot of adversity, challenges, and personal sacrifices — none of which seem to have accrued to any professional benefit,” he said. “Simply put, the Arrowverse hasn’t led to any other gigs, so it feels — at least on a career level — that I really wasted my time.”

The Arrowverse is coming to an end with The Flash being the last remaining show. While Superman & Lois is of course in the DC Universe, and some of their characters appeared in the Arrowverse, that series’ showrunner has expressed that the show is not a part of the overall Arrowverse, and stands on it’s own as they are on a different Earth.

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