Just Jared Jr's Top 25 Actresses of 2012

Just Jared Jr's Top 25 Actresses of 2012

Check out the Top 25 Actresses of JustJaredJr!

There are staples, surprises and new stars on the rise in our list — check them all out below!

Let us know which celeb you’re most surprised about. Did your top actress make the list?

25. Lily Collins
24. McKayla Maroney
23. Bridgit Mendler
22. Victoria Justice
21. Ashley Benson
20. Zendaya
19. Jennette McCurdy
18. Kylie Jenner
17. Emma Watson
16. Mia Talerico

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15. Willow Smith
14. Brenda Song
13. Bella Thorne
12. Ariel Winter
11. Shawn Johnson
10. Chloe Moretz
9. Alexa Vega
8. Kristen Stewart
7. Jennifer Lawrence
6. Ashley Rickards

And your Top Five are…

5. Kendall Jenner
This year, Kendall made her acting debut on CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 and walked the runway for the second year in a row at New York Fashion Week for Sherri Hill. Kendall also graced quite a few magazine covers including Miss Vogue, Seventeen and Girlfriend.

4. Ashley Tisdale
2012 brought Ashley a few new television roles — on Fox’s Raising Hope and in a CBS pilot, which unfortunately didn’t get picked up. Ashley also reunited with boyfriend Scott Speer before ending their relationship again later in the year, but not before she modeled with Sarah Hyland for Op and filmed Scary Movie 5.

3. Vanessa Hudgens
Outside of her yoga classes, Vanessa took on two gritty roles in Frozen Ground and Spring Breakers (she even took Spring Breakers overseas). And after getting Punkd by Lucy Hale, Vanessa was honored at the 2012 Power of Youth. We can’t forget the magazines she covered too — Untitled, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and Glow.

2. Miley Cyrus
It was the year of the engagement and the haircut for Miley. First came the exciting news back in June that she was engaged to her beau Liam Hemsworth. Then later in the summer, Miley let her hairdresser chop off all her pretty locks to make way for an edgier blonde look. Miley also hit the studio, working on her new album expected to debut in 2013. Can’t wait!

1. Selena Gomez
Taking the top spot and dethroning Vanessa Hudgens, Selena is our #1 Actress! The 20-year-old multifaceted entertainer became Glamour mag’s Woman of the Year, took over for Miley Cyrus in Hotel Transylvania, debuted her first perfume, released a music video for “Hit The Lights”, launched a nail collection, came back for more Wizards, and kissed Nat Wolff for an upcoming flick. And let’s not forget about her breakup and makeup with boyfriend musician Justin Bieber.

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  • abbimorgan

    wey hey vanessa hudgens is ON ¡¡¡

  • MennA

    Lol Jared, I think you just put the five most popular people in the top 5. Aside from appearing in Two & a Half Men, Miley hasn’t really done anything. Should of put Emma Watson in there in her place. It’s the top 25 ACTRESSES, has nothing to do with their personal lives.

  • merlin’s mum

    But neither of Vanessa’s films have been released yet, have they?

  • jenn

    i don’t like selena, but i would agree with her being number one. she has been filming movies after movies this year and her movie Hotel Transylvania went #1. but what i don’t get is why miley???? her movies went straight to dvd and acted on a couple of episode, no big deal. kendall, Ashley??? they haven’t done SH!T!!

  • http://@ashleymichell22 vale


  • Diab aly

    Jenette <3 <3

  • joshua

    i think bella should be higher but it does show she is really popular. i think she will be even more this year. bella and zendaya are the best on the channel right now. a little surprised that the little mia beat zendaya but mia is really cute. ashley is weird for me and no debby ryan which is lol since she was also on a show with those twins and now has her own. not surprised at selena being #1.

  • V

    What about Nina Dobrev?! She’s my favorite and I was hoping for her to get a spot!

  • http://twitter.com/allyalle :)

    what vanessa did this year ?:O just one movie and the rest are filming and they werent out this year so..:?? lol she deserve 10 not 3

  • http://twitter.com/allyalle :)

    where’s demi lovato? lol

  • Selma

    This is a f*cking joke ! Vanessa is THE number one , selena is only famous for a relationship with Justin. Seriously, I’m done with Just Jared.

  • june

    YAY SELENA!!!!!!

  • TK

    @MennA: Welcome to real life, actually it doesn´t matter how talented is an actress or how beautiful and sexy is, the most important to be on any list is to be popular, even on Askmen list if you think only the hottest celebrities are on this list you´re wrong because Askmen list The most desirable women for 2013 we can find Michelle Obama, Paulina Gretzky, Iggy Azalea, and other celebrities who don´t deserve to be in this kind of list, and Megan Fox is out because she isn´t as popular as she was before, so popularity has nothing to do with hotness, talent and so on, That´s why many celebs use their personal lives to make scandals and become more popular you´re right Emma Watson deserves a better place, but I´m sure in one or two years´time she´ll be out of this kind of list because she isn´t the kind of actress who like to make scandals like Miley.

  • Haters Suck!

    Well Vanessa’s movie Journey 2 did come out early this year and did quite well. Just thought I’d point that out.

  • http://twitter.com willian

    LOOOOOOOOL!! Why is Bridgit Mendler 23? She needs to be on top 10 lol

  • bella


    Yeah,it’s true that Miley doesn’t produce any new songs or MVs this year. But it’s not that she didn’t do anything this year.

    1. Miley participates in Bob Dylan tribute album and sing a much praised cover of “You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go”. She also performed it live. She also participated in VH1 Diva.

    2. She has the “backyard session” which she produces the covers of the classic “Lilac wine” “Jolene” & “Look what they’ve done to my song” . All three are well-received and got numerous praises from many music critics.

    3. She starred in the film “LOL” with Demi Moore. It might not be a hit in US because of no promotion and marketing from Lionsgate for it, but it did pretty well in other countries and sold millions of DVD copies.

    4.She starred in the film “So Undercover” which is gonna be released in 2013.

    5. She participated in many charities and good-will organizations. Namely ; Saving Spot Rescue,Save The Music Foundation, the Starkey Hearing Foundation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Her fans donate money to charities in the name of her for her 20th Birthday and she highly encouraged it,praised it.
    She indeed leads the list of the most charitable celebrities of 2012 officially. :)

    6. She’s engaged to her 3-year-boyfriend actor Liam Hemsworth. It’s a pretty big deal for her. And it’s a good thing that she’s engaged,showing commitment to her relationship while other celebrities might be making up/breaking up,or dating a guy after another, getting pregnant without commitment,having shot-gun marriage.

    7. And yes,she’s on “Two and a half men”

    8. She won Special award from “Make a Wish” foundation for her devoted charitable works. She’s nominated for many many awards. She won 3 Teen Choice awards without even attending the event. Her 3 Music Videos got certified for getting over 100 millions views on youtube. Her song “Party in the USA” got played the most whenever Americans achieved success. :D

    9.Yes, she had huge transformation from a trendsetting long-flowing brunette to a blond pixie. Some of the materialistic people would think of it as a bad thing by saying that she looks not as beautiful or she looks like a boy or something superficial about it. Needless to say it’s inspirational that she donated her hair to the cancer patients, she also showed people not to afraid of the change,to discover yourself,to challenge, to be yourself,be real. It also means that girls don’t have to be feminine to be a well-accomplished girl.

    10. And of course, she’s working on her 4th studio album which is about to released in early 2013.

  • http://@myrtia1 Miranda

    Brenda Song is my favourite <3

  • http://tertert ohohrich

    O Miss Watson! : )

  • Jo

    Why Kendall or Kylie ? Modeling isn’t acting. This idiot is just saying personal lives. Miley did two movies and did a few episodes of 2 and a half men. Ashley has done a lot of different things but they weren’t aired, Vanessa hasn’t done anything maybe for next year. Emma Watson should be first and where’s Emma stone ?? Willow smith is not an actress.

  • Jo

    @:): She’s not an actress anymore

  • Jo

    @Selma: She did one movie. Selena filmed two movies, did a voice over role, filmed a new one hour wizards special, and finished her tv show at the beginning of the year.

  • samsam

    i love selena, but being with justin as well as their relationship status fluctuating has definitely helped boost her career. u cannot tell me that if she was not dating him then she would be as relevant as she is today. i mean ive never heard her music on the radio in london and in general so it was so confusing when she hosted the emas instead of justin. oh wait, he’s in the music industry…

  • Lisa

    Emma Watson is NUMBER ONE in the world.

  • Lisa

    Emma Watson is so A W E S O M E !!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa


  • Lisa


  • Lisa

    is NUMBER ONE in the universe

  • Jen

    Tizz <3

  • cc

    vanessa hasn’t done anything worthwhile since hsm.how did she make the list?

  • SkATES


    Sorry! Just to remind you that Selena got the EMAs hosting job through her own connections with MTV! MTV has been in great relationship with her since her first album in 2009! In 2011, she first hosted MMVA (in Canada which is connected to MTV), the views were great, thus they got her back in for VMA, which also didn’t dunk in views, next came EMAs! All of these networks belongs to MTV not surprising to people I would say! After she left Disney, a lot of people are actually keeping an eye on her moves! The years 2011 (music) and 2012 (movies) definitely are her years to soar with or without Justin! She is doing great on her own with all of her album releases since 2009, it was doing the rounds more than everybody’s expectations! Selena gained her fan based through her great personalities, likability, and also partly through her TV show which reflects her great potentials in her acting capabilities! Her singing is only part of the fun! You don’t need to be exclusively in the music industries to be an emcee by the way! Her being a popular pop singer with her Certified Platinum singles/ Certified Gold albums and her being a known actress with legit awards (Emmy Awards, etc.) are more than enough to bring her up there! She’s also very natural as EMCEE by the way, I’ll expect more emcee hosting jobs coming her way in the near future with or without Justin! Lol! Your personal thought that she got it because of Justin is just to prove to yourself that she is a nobody as you have mentioned in your comments! Selena’s Certified Platinum single “Naturally” was a big hit in 2009 worldwide on radio and around the clubs as well, she wasn’t even dating Justin as yet at that time, even though there were some teasing going around on both of them! You failed if you are saying that you like her because it proves that you know nothing about her! Lol!

  • joey

    Your list is a joke.Seriously how does Kendall and Kylie get on the list and how is it that jennifer lawrence is 7.she’s up for a best actress award for winters bone,hunger games set box office records and house at the end of the street was a big success.there is no one on that list who has done more then her in 2012.Selena is a disney kid who hasnt been in anything serious or worth seeing and besides being justin beavers girl isnt really worth mentioning and half your actresses are either disney or nickelodeon girls outside of that they have not been in anything else so they are not serious actresses like lily collins or jennifer lawrence.even chloe moretz has been in some very serious movies with serious talent and you have her at 10.and you did not have blake lively in the top 25 either and besides gossip girl she was in savages and green lantern and yet you think girls from a trashy reality show should rank higher.A joke I tell you

  • Nate

    Da Fuck? Selena can’t act to save her life..

  • Huh?

    EXCUSE ME?!!! Vanessa Hudgens?! How & why? I can’t even…

  • harrison

    Ariana Grande should be on this list somewhere next year!

  • shanghai

    WHAT A JOKE!!!!! Hardly any of those would be considered serious actors! Maybe in a few years some have potential to become actors but most are still “in training”.

  • haha

    Waiting for both Zac or Selena to be the top celeb picture instead of Vanessa. When will this happen??? Well I guess Vanessa can remain as the top celeb since she is #1 at calling the papz to photograph everything she does.

  • moon

    @MennA: so true, i think emma waston should be put as top 1 because she is amazing in perks.

  • http://justjaredjr sarah

    @Huh? i agree with you she isn’t a good actress the only thing she does is kiss her Big- Lip boyfriend and call the paps. i don’t get it she is a Z- list actor

  • kanani

    Um last time I checked, both Kylie Jenner and Willow Smith are NOT actresses. Willow Smith does music and Kylie is a model. You might as well change the title to Top 25 Female Celebs instead of Actresses.

  • Bia

    WOW jared still post about Vanessa here? lol all her fans have said they wouldnt come here anymore, because Vanessa now is on the main site, thats why no one is posting any coment on her post anymore, and yet she is numer 3 !! way to go Van!

  • asdfghjkl

    wtf has the jenner sisters done?

  • fgsg

    all wrong!!!

  • http://arisha10 ariadne

    Emma Watson was excellent in Perks, she should have the top spot!

  • http://NADYAPOPULARITY Nadya

    Hey guys bella thorne has to be in top 5 with zendaya the show shake it up is the best show in disney and she is inspiring than any actress cause she is not afraid to admit that she has dyslexia…so unfair

  • samsam

    @SkATES: woah. calm down. its like you shoved that in all in one breath! breathe child. now, because i like her, does not mean i will agree with all her choices. i love her movies and so forth, however you CANNOT say that she does not have links which have helped her get further. i never believed she would get that far. but her boyfriends have said otherwise. she dated nick jonas at the time of the jonas brothers. she dated taylor lautner when twilight was at its peak. and now justin bieber who is still very much relevant. this also applies for taylor swift. both have never dated anyone who was just normal and you can but if you date someone famous then it will keep you relevant. Fact.

  • zanessafan

    WHAT THE? Top 25 ACTRESSES? But in your description, I can’t see enough reasons to put Selena or Miley on top. What’s their movies after all? Unlike Vanessa who got lots of movie projects. I mean, I think you should rename it as Top 25 Female Celebs.

  • zanessafan

    You named it as Top 25 Actresses so you should have considered the acting factor the most. If not, you should name it as Top 25 Female Celebs instead.

  • zanessafan

    @cc: Probably you’re so so outdated. You should visit Earth sometime! lol :P

  • love

    haha are you seriously ?! she is nothing
    the only thing she do is to call the paparazzis and told them where she is…people know her becauce she was zacs girlfriend!!
    there are definitly more stars who belong to the top 5 !!

  • http://@glitterrain Larissa

    Ummmmm, Jennifer Lawrence is the only actress on that list who has been nominated for an Oscar….why is she #7? And The Jenners? THEY AREN’T EVEN ACTRESSES.