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Ryan McCartan To Release New Single Partially About Dove Cameron Relationship

Ryan McCartan To Release New Single Partially About Dove Cameron Relationship

Ryan McCartan is getting ready to release a new song called “Politician.”

The 27-year-old actor and musician revealed the news on his Instagram and shared what the song is about, including his past relationship with Dove Cameron.

“I wrote this song about the power of lying in love,” he wrote. “As a child I was madly in love with a man who lorded his charisma over me to manipulate me into believing his abuse of me was a positive force in my life.”

“As an adult I was madly in love with a woman who mobilized a cult of personality so freely and effectively that I get regular death threats to this day,” Ryan added. “And as a citizen I have watched a shocking percentage of my countrymen fall madly in love with a sociopathic narcissist, a relationship developing to the point where a dangerous mass of people have expressed their willingness to kill themselves and others in the name of circumstances so devoid of truth that they have become considered one of the greatest threats to our republic.”

“This song is about all of those things; and this song is also a total bop, so I can’t wait for you to hear it,” he said. The song will be out NEXT Friday, January 22nd.

One fan responded in the comments, saying that she has to unfollow Ryan for bringing up his past relationship once again.

“idk how you don’t see this is clearly abusive behavior. she literally doesn’t even talk about you and you STAY bringing her up even though you’re in a “healthy” relationship,” they wrote. “so this song is about a privileged white man who feels like everything is directly affecting him. got it.”

Check out Ryan‘s response below…

If you missed it, almost a year ago exactly, Ryan claimed that Dove “cheated on and left” him. He then wrote an open letter about their relationship and breakup.

Just Jared Jr Fan Awards 2020 - Full Winners List Revealed!

Just Jared Jr Fan Awards 2020 - Full Winners List Revealed!

Voting on the 2020 Just Jared Jr Fan Awards has come to a close!

Fans have been diligently voting over the last two weeks, and well over three million votes were cast across the 18 categories.

Among the categories included favorite young actor, favorite young actress, favorite social star, and favorite quarantine zoom reunion!

Competition was intense, fans voted right up until the last minute, with extremely close results across quite a few of the categories.

Big thanks to all the fans who dedicated so much time to voting for their faves this year!! Make sure to let your favorites know about their win!

Be sure to also stay tuned to the results of this year’s Just Jared Fan Awards TOMORROW (December 30) on our main site!

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Dove Cameron Shares 'We Belong' BTS Video With Special 'Thank You' Message

Dove Cameron Shares 'We Belong' BTS Video With Special 'Thank You' Message

Dove Cameron is showing some love to her fans after the release of her new “We Belong music video.

The 24-year-old singer and actress shared a behind-the-scenes of making the video as a “thank you” to fans, and she also had a little message from inside the recording studio.

“Hey you guys. I wanted to drop by and give you a little thank you for all the love and support on ‘We Belong’ in general, and also now ‘We Belong’ the video,” Dove says. “Your reactions have been incredible, and Luke and I had such a fun time shooting the video. It makes it all the more special you guys are loving it as much as we loved shooting it. We wanted to give you a little peek at the behind-the-scenes to give a little thank you, and have an amazing holiday season. I love you.”

The week before, Dove posted some photos from the video shoot and thanked fans for watching the video and streaming the song.

“me & my woman want to thank u so much for 2m on the #webelong video and 20m streams 👽🧚🏻 u blow my mind . thank u for loving me so wellllll. 2021 can’t come fast enough,” she captioned her post.

Dove and “We Belong” are nominated in the 2020 Just Jared Jr Fan AwardsFavorite Young Music Star – Female and Favorite Song. Be sure to vote!

Dove Cameron – ‘We Belong’ – Behind The Scenes

Dove Cameron Confirms Her Split With Thomas Doherty

Dove Cameron Confirms Her Split With Thomas Doherty

It’s true – Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty have split up.

The 24-year-old actress and singer confirmed the sad news on social media tonight after fans gained suspicious about the couple.

Dove and Thomas started dating in 2016, after meeting on the set of Descendants 2.

Previously, she had been linked to Ryan McCartan.

“The decision was incredibly difficult, but we still have love for each other, and will remain friends,” Dove shared in a tweet. “Thank you for allowing us our privacy in this time.”

Dove and Thomas hadn’t been spotted out together in a while, and their last public sighting was in August from their trip to Utah during the pandemic.

Currently, Dove is working on her music and just released her new single, “We Belong”.

Thomas has been busy filming the first season of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot. Check out the latest pics from the set here!

Dove Cameron Dances In New 'We Belong' Music Video - Watch Now!

Dove Cameron Dances In New 'We Belong' Music Video - Watch Now!

Dove Cameron has finally released a music video for her latest single “We Belong“!!

The 24-year-old singer and actress has been teasing the visual for the track, which was released back in July, for the past few days.

In the video, Dove wears a strapless dress in a big house, all alone, and she shows off some dance moves throughout.

Dove recently opened up about the lyrics and meaning of the song.

“I’m always apart from my significant other (Thomas Doherty), no matter what, because you know, my job takes me all over the place, and usually the person that I’m with also, their job takes them all over the place,” she shared with Genius about the first verse. “So that feeling of being like, ‘I wanna be here, I wanna be present ot my own life. But like, holy sh–, I’m so in love with you and we belong together,’ you know?”

“That sort of sentiment about like, ‘I belong to me, I’m mine, but then after that, directly after that, I’m yours.’ The more you know yourself, the more able you are to feel your own chemistry and your own true north and your own compass,” she continued. “I don’t know, it’s like one of those things where the more you talk about it, it doesn’t make sense. It’s completely non-verbal, non-formulaic, like it’s not the same for everybody, like you just know.”

If you missed it, Dove recently joined the cast of a new, upcoming musical TV series, which will also star one of her former co-stars!

Dove Cameron – ‘We Belong’ Music Video

Dove Cameron Teases A New Music Collab Is Coming Up

Dove Cameron Teases A New Music Collab Is Coming Up

Dove Cameron is teasing us about her music!

The 24-year-old singer and actress talked about her latest song “We Belong” and her upcoming releases in a new interview with Sony.

“I feel like ['We Belong'] is more in the direction that I’m going now, than my previous songs. I feel like I’m really finding that sound. It almost gets broader and then it fine tunes,” she dished.

“I think that my sound is getting more specific, but also while I narrow in on what that is, I’m kind of trying things out still,” Dove continued. “My next release and the one after that, and then I have actually a collab coming, which I’m really excited about. I would say that they’re all more up-tempo than my previous songs.”

“‘Waste’ is up-tempo, but she’s a weird girl. It’s not like a typical up-tempo pop song, and I feel like ‘We Belong’ is a bit more commercial sounding,” she said. “Although, she’s still weird. All of my songs are always going to be a bit weird. I wouldn’t want to release them if they weren’t a bit weird.”

Dove‘s first and only collab so far, was “Remember Me” with BIA, which came out back in April. Over the summer, she also shared who her dream collaboration would be!

Dove Cameron on her song We Belong

Dove Cameron Says Some of Her Disney Channel Characters Were LGBTQ+

Dove Cameron Says Some of Her Disney Channel Characters Were LGBTQ+

Dove Cameron is dishing on her Disney Channel characters’ sexuality.

The 24-year-old actress and singer, who identifies as bisexual herself, recently re-posted a fan’s tweet about her characters Liv and Maddie.

When another fan responded saying, “Still not convinced liv was straight,” Dove chimed in saying that, “maddie was definitely gay.” She also said Liv was bi.

Other fans chimed in on more of her characters, including Descendants‘ Mal, Agents of Shield‘s Ruby, and even Dumplin‘s Bekah Cotter.

Dove said that Mal is pansexual, Ruby is asexual, and Bekah was straight.

If you missed it, it was recently announced that Dove will be in a new musical series for Apple TV+, and one of the other actors in the show is her Descendants and Hairspray Live mom Kristin Chenoweth, marking their third project together!

“too grateful and excited to be a part of this incredible cast and show… thank you so much @appletv @lornemichaelsreal @cincopedia @bsonnenfeld here we go !! 🍭🥧🍿🧁🏹,” Dove wrote about the news on Instagram.

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