'The Slumber Party' Star Dallas Liu Shares 10 Fun Facts About Himself (Exclusive)

'The Slumber Party' Star Dallas Liu Shares 10 Fun Facts About Himself (Exclusive)

Dallas Liu has opened up about himself with JJJ!

The 21-year-old actor is well known for roles in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, PEN15, Players and No Good Nick, and will next be seen starring in the new Disney movie The Slumber Party.

In the comedy, based on the Jena Malone novel “The Sleepover,” Dallas plays Mikey, Paige’s (Emmy Liu-Wang) cool, easy-going older brother.

The film centers on best friends Megan and Paige, along with soon-to-be step-sister Veronica, who wake up with no memory from the night before, following a hypnotism gone wrong at a sleepover birthday party. Now, they have to retrace their steps and find the missing birthday girl Anna Maria, finding out why there’s a flock of baby ducks in the bathtub, what happened to Megan’s eyebrow, and why she’s wearing unattainable hottie Jake Ramirez’s signature black hoodie.

Prior to the movie’s premiere on Disney Channel and Disney+, we recently caught up with Dallas (before the SAG-AFTRA strike) and got to know 10 Fun Facts about him.

Check out what he shared inside…

See what the actor shared with us below…

  • 1. I live with four animals! I’ve got two dogs and two cats. Both of my dogs are rescues and my family picked up one of our cats off the street.
  • 2. I enjoy skydiving! I went for the first time on my 21st birthday and I’ve been addicted to going ever since.
  • 3. I watch way too much anime. Seriously, I try to watch 2-3 episodes of any show everyday. It started with Naruto and I’ve been on a binge everyday since then.
  • 4. My favorite place to find vintage clothes is at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. The Rose Bowl happens once a month and it’s my favorite time to find vintage clothing with my friends for a good price.
  • 5. Rock climbing is my favorite form of exercise. I just started going recently but I haven’t been able to stop. It’s such a rewarding feeling finishing a route and I find that the rock climbing community is filled with tons of positive energy and nice people.
  • 6. I love banana milk. It’s my favorite beverage to drink in the morning after having coffee.
  • 7. My favorite music artist is Dominic Fike. I watched him perform for the first time live at Camp Flog Gnaw in 2019 and I now do carpool karaoke to his music all the time. He’s extremely talented and I can listen to every single one of his songs from any album and enjoy it.
  • 8. I played football in high school. It was short lived but I’m stoked to have experienced it. At the time I was doing school, acting, and football which was pretty difficult to maintain and get sleep on top of that. I decided to stop because I had been acting for a couple years prior to joining the football team and I figured my chances of working on a TV or film set were higher than those of making it to the NFL.
  • 9. I was a martial artist before deciding to become an actor. I started martial arts when I was five years old. It was the biggest part of my life for more than seven years. I had eventually grown tired of it and decided to move on to acting because of another fellow martial artist turned actor named Leo Howard. Many martial artists take on stunts when they enter the industry but my manager had reached out to me asking if I would be interested in acting. I decided to try it out because I felt that I didn’t really have anything to lose.
  • 10. I went to elementary school with Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young. I know, super random but so cool to watch his journey to the NFL and see how far he’s gone. We weren’t the best of friends or anything like that, but I remember playing with him on the handball courts when we were younger.

The Slumber Party premieres TONIGHT (July 27) at 8pm ET/PT on Disney Channel and next day on Disney+!

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If you didn’t know, Dallas will also be starring in the upcoming live action Avatar: The Last Airbender series!

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